Microsoft reveals its final Xbox Project Scorpio specs

Microsoft is set to announce Their new Xbox console which is going to be amazing. Today I would like to talk about the specifications of the new Xbox console which is revealed by Microsoft. Also thanks to other sources like Digital Foundry who shared a lot more about the new Xbox console by Microsoft.

The name of the project is Scorpio as we all know and it is going to run at six teraflops which are significantly better than the Xbox rival PlayStation 4 Pro which is running on 4.2 teraflops. This time Microsoft is set to implement a whopping 128 GB of DDR5 memory on Their project Scorpio. The latest Xbox is having 8GB of DDR3 with 32MB of ESRAM. Digital Foundry revealed that Microsoft is sticking with the Jaguar based processor while lots of people are hoping the see the latest CPU from AMD which is Ryzen CPU.

The custom Jaguar based processor have already implemented in the earlier Xbox and even in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 pro. But the project Scorpio will have x86 cores in Their Jaguar based processor which will be 31 percent much faster than the Xbox One that means a Ryzen CPU from AMD will not bring significant changes to the performance of the new Xbox Console.

Microsoft will also implement the 4K gaming on project Scorpio which will be a great bump up from the Xbox one which was compatible with 900p to 1080p gaming. So all the Xbox games can be played in 4K in Scorpio. Note that the games which I have mentioned are the games which run on Xbox one and Xbox 360.

There will be HDMI ports and a 4K Blu-ray driver. There will be no Kinect port like the Xbox One S.

We can expect more from project Scorpio in E3.


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