Maskmaker: The brand new trailer reveals the release date


Maskmaker: The brand new trailer reveals the release date.

The all-new trailer for the upcoming Firebird and A Fisherman’s Tale dads game teases when we can play Maskmaker Apprentice.

Expected until then for spring 2021, Maskmaker now holds its precise launch date: April 20, 2021, on PCVR and PSVR. MWM Interactive, the game publisher, has just put online a brand new trailer revealing it.

This title is the new production of Innerspace VR, the Parisian studio also based in Los Angeles. We already owe many award-winning titles such as the Firebird series or the very inspired A Fisherman’s Tale co-produced by Arte and published by Vertigo Games.

Suffice to say that we await with interest the result of their new work on Maskmaker. The latter is presented as an adventure game in a mysterious universe where you will play an apprenticed artisan and learn the magic of making masks to dive into the discovery of enigmatic and intriguing beings.

From mask to mask and from riddle to riddle, you will progress within the “kingdom of masks,” in search of the one who seems to rule it, a certain Prospero, whose secret of his true identity you will have to unravel. Stay tuned for the next update.


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