Lords Of The Fallen’s Release Date, Price, As Well As Special Editions

Lords Of The Fallen’s Release Date, Price, As Well As Special Editions:

Lords of the Fallen is a brand-new action role-playing game that will be released later this year. It’s a follow-up to a famous game with the exact same name that came out in 2014.

It was made by Hexworks, Defiant Studios, and CI Games, and it is thought to be a minimum of five times bigger than its predecessor. Lords of the Fallen, also called The Lords of the Fallen, was the latest book in the same-named series.

The first game came out in 2014 for PS4 and used some of the features from the Soulsborne games to make it its own thing. This second game is supposed to change the series, yet it appears that it was highly inspired by Elden Ring by FromSoftware.

Based on what we know so far, Lords of the Fallen looks like it will be a big game. With the just-released gameplay video, we can see that the game has the ability to have both good stories and great fight scenes.

The first Lords of the Fallen set themselves apart from other souls by adding a risk-versus-reward system to the burning checkpoints, which had been used for a long time.

Players had the option to keep their XP and increase it if they didn’t stop at checkpoints, but if they died, they would lose more progress. The latest game looks like it will build on what came before it in a similar way.

When Will Lords Of The Fallen Be Out In Stores?

On October 13, 2023, Lords of the Fallen will be rolling out. Aside from the title change, the game hasn’t been held up, and the 2023 release date has always been the goal.

No one is clear why the “the” was taken out of the original name, yet it appears like the game’s idea may have changed at a point during creation.

When Can You Get Lords Of The Fallen Before It Comes Out?

Lords of the Fallen should go live on the October 13, 2023. Since it is still a little ways off, the makers might change the date if they need to. At this time, however, there is no evidence that they are doing so. Only PS5, Xbox Series X|S, as well as PC will be able to play the game.

The game was first revealed at The Game Awards 2022, so you can now pre-order it. Like most other titles, it will come in three different versions: normal, special, and collection.

The normal version will only have the base game, but the Deluxe as well as Collector’s Editions will include the Dark Crusader class from the start.

The Collector’s Edition will also come with a 19-cm model of the Dark Crusader and a number of other souvenirs, such as artbooks, posters, and more.

When it involves pre-ordering, players should know that only the Standard as well as Deluxe Editions will be offered at shops such as Epic Games or Steam. For the Collector’s Edition, they ought to check with stores in their area.

Based on what we know so far, it’s hard to say if Lords of the Fallen will function as a standalone story or if it will be connected to the one before it. Also, since the Summer Game Fest is coming up in a few weeks, fans are likely to learn more about this game while it is going on.

So far, we know that this game has the ability to stand out in the ARPG genre, based on what we know about it. But all we can do is hope that it is going to be playable when it comes out, compared to most of the big games that have come out this year.

The Lords Of The Fallen Price:

Fans can pre-order Lords of the Fallen in three different forms. The price of the regular edition is $70 (£54.99), as well as the price of the digital special version is $80 (£64.99).

You can buy both of these things at internet stores like the PlayStation Store. The normal version only has the base game, but the Digital Deluxe Edition has the Dark Crusader Starting Class, Weapon, as well as Armor Set, a 100-page digital artbook, the digital music, and a 3D model viewer.

The Collector’s Edition, which costs $250 (£200), is the last option. This version of the game has everything that the Digital Deluxe Edition has, plus a real copy of the artbook, a double-sided picture, art cards, in-game bonuses, armor potions, and a steel-book case.

In the box, there is an actual copy of the game as well as a metal showcase case with an LED light for a hand-painted 10-inch figure. We’ve only been managed to locate this version at the UK store GAME, but it’s likely being sold in the US as well.

On What Devices May Lords Of The Fallen Become Available?

Lords of the Fallen will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC. At the time this was written, there were no plans for versions for old systems or the Nintendo Switch. At the moment, we also don’t know if the game is compatible with Steam.

Lords Of The Fallen Trailer:

The May 2023 gameplay debut video revealed that Lords of the Fallen would come out in May and gave fans their best look at the universe so far. The amazing graphics in the future game showed how powerful the Unreal Engine can be in the State of Unreal Technical Showcase video.

A short introduction for the game’s gameplay showed some of the things fans could look forward to in the next game within the series.

The original name of the game is still in the introduction trailer, but the new gameplay trailer shows that the idea for how the game will be played remains unchanged from this cinematic video.

CI Games Has Confirmed That Lords Of The Fallen Is Not A Remake:

Lords of the Fallen was not a sequel, CI Games has said. It has the same name but a new title. When the game was first revealed, it was called The Lords of the Fallen. This made it clear that it was a new game, but changing the name confused fans.

The videos for the games, which you can see below, show that they are very different. Lords of the Fallen in 2023 is much darker as well as looks a lot like Elden Ring. The original game, on the other hand, had big, strong figures and unique bosses that gave it a much more unique appearance.


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