Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash are Latest Crypto Additions to Robinhood

It seems that the bitcoin saga just keeps getting interesting, for now, Robinhood an online app for those into mobile trading. For those who are not familiar with Robinhood should know that this app is becoming more popular on account of the fact that it offers multi-faceted investment options including Crypto currencies for trading, such as Bitcoin and Etherium.


Now, thanks to its crypto trading options, Robinhood recently announced that it has over 17 million members, trading in the same across all 17 states which only attests to the popularity of the platform and its app.

Recently, the company announced that it had managed to collect over $363 million as a result f its funding rounds and this had made it possible for the company to offer its members more crypto currencies to trade with.

As a result, Robinhood is now offering both litecoin and bitcoin cash along with other crypto currencies to trade with. The fact that crypto currencies are extremely volatile to trade with, at times and depending on global cues, only serves to make them all the more interesting. The site utilizes on spot trading through their terminal, which is available in the app, along with their metatrader platform.

The metatrader platform enables you to trade in all forms of crypto currencies are pegged at spot rates, with the rates for the same being sourced from multiple vendors.

The platform comes with a host of tools that you can utilize to trade in litecoin, bitcoin and much more, with ease. What’s more, you can use the metatrader 5 platform for bitcoin trading and even use bots on the same to help increase your profits. The platform is set up to trade automatically on your behalf, all you need to do is to setup the bots, and that should do the trick.

The latest declaration by the company’s co-founder Baiju Bhatt that it is only a matter of time before Robinhood would soon be available all across the US only underscores the fact that the company is indeed determined to expand their platform to become one of the largest providers offering online trading of crypto currencies.

It is expected that the company may soon expand the scope of their operations and offer more crypto currencies to traders to trade with. It remains to be seen if the company would also go in for another funding round which should make it possible for it to expand its scope of operations.

What is puzzling some is the fact that the firm had opted to expand their operations by offering more crypto currencies but has not stated much, regarding the future plans of the company other than their already stated intention of expanding operations to cover all states across US.

Either way, thanks to Robinhood and its metatrader platform, consumers have better financial products to trade with and instant real time quotes without any lag period; and that’s why it makes more  sense to check out this platform and their app, for real time instant trading in various crypto currencies.


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