All about the latest instagram offline feature

Social media has become an essential part of our life nowadays and without them, life looks incomplete. But also these are not only for time passing even they are helpful in earn money also. There are many social networking sites and applications like facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.
When we talk about them all so we have already familiar with facebook, twitter, and WhatsApp. Nut the interesting and new technology is Instagram. Instagram offers you a profile in which you can share and receive the stuff you want, you can share your stuff with the whole world with just a click. It can be seen as similar to facebook.
And similar to the facebook, Instagram is going to provide a new update with an offline feature. This feature is similar to the facebook offline feature. This feature offers you a complete offline interaction in your account but this does not mean you can completely access to your account without the internet.
This features offers the users to see the already loaded feeds on their page without internet and also users can do like and comment on the posts and all their actions will be accomplished just after the device gets an internet connection.This feature does not only offer the users to like or comment on posts but you can even follow or unfollow people you want. The offer is not ended yet as this offline feature will allow the users to see the images as well as the videos that have already been saved on their feeds.
This feature of offline mode is only available for android users which mean only the android application has this feature and for others like ios this feature is not available right now. So this feature is very nice and this will allow the users not to dependent on their mobile data all the time.


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