July 2023 My Hotpot Story Codes

July 2023 My Hotpot Story Codes:

I’ve always liked the prospect of having my own retail store, but I don’t like all the hard work as well as huge risks that come with it.

So the only way I can get close is to read My Hotpot Story. Set up your restaurant as well as serve a few basic dishes to start making money. As you start to make more money, try out new dishes and improve the quality of your business.

Almost no gamer doesn’t like getting free gifts or game cash. Using special codes is one of the most effective ways to get free resources, like gems, in My Hotpot Story. Read this guide to find out the real My Hotpot Story codes you are able to utilize right now.

Within My Hotpot Story, players feel like they own and run their own hotpot business in a virtual world. They play the parts of a restaurant owner as well as a skilled cook, and their goal is to open a successful hotpot restaurant.

To manage the business well, you need Diamonds, which are the game’s cash and can be used to buy different materials. Thankfully, you can sometimes use codes to get free gems.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
Hotpot 30 Diamonds Active [Latest]
food 50 Diamonds Active [Latest]

How To Use Coupons:

  • Start the game upon your Android as well as Apple iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on the speaker sign on the screen’s right side.
  • Enter the code into the “Enter exchange code” box and click “Claim.”

My Codes Don’t Seem To Work:

When you put a code for My Hotpot Story, you ought to attempt to cut and paste it as much as possible. This makes it impossible to make a mistake, which might lead a code to be marked as incorrect.

If, on the other hand, a game code states that it has ended, this means that the creators of the game have taken it away.

We can’t help with that, so let us know within the comments below so we can enhance the guide. Also, come back shortly because we’re always looking for new codes on the web.

Where Can I Get More Codes?

You can find new codes for the game on a number of different sites. On Facebook or Twitter, you may follow @myhotpotstory or @xingfulu1120. But joining the My Hotpot Story Discord Server would be the best way to find new codes.

Getting Rewards In Other Ways:

Within My Hotpot Story, click upon the shop button at the bottom right of the display to get more prizes. When you’re done, you’ll see five tabs. Each tab gives you a different prize.

You can get 20 Diamonds every day, which is the most important one. You may also purchase training books. You can also watch ads online, that may give you even more prizes.

What’s My Hotpot?

The main goal is to build a successful business by getting people, handling resources well, and making delicious hotpot meals. To win, players must show how good they are at cooking and how good they are at running a business.

The structure of the restaurant can be changed, and there are many different kinds of food and products to try. But it won’t be easy to meet users’ standards.

What Do These Codes Mean For Hotpot Stories?

My Hotpot Story codes, gift codes, as well as coupon codes are unique codes that producers give to players through their public social media accounts, usually upon Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, as well as YouTube.

Or, sometimes, they post the codes on a discussion website for the game. The cheat codes have different from these My Hotpot Story numbers.

Most of the time, these My Hotpot Story codes give in-game money or things. Most of the time, the codes give you either the game’s basic currency or its special currency.


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