Jemish Katariya: An Emphathizer Walking A Mile Extra to Help The Needy

Jemish Katariya is well-known among the people of Katargam in Surat. He is a young man admired by thousands of people for his good deeds. He strives to help needy people using all his resources.

He started his incredible work of helping others at the age of 20. He has built his social image as a helper of needy people.

To support his cause, he founded a social media group called “Sinhan Sarkar.” Through this online group, he stays connected with helpless and poor people. With the help of this group, he has been serving food as well as other necessities to needy people.

Katariya has been doing this since he was just 20-years old. He is a humble and down-to-earth man with a good cause. His good deeds have attracted the attention of various politically connected celebrities, who have come forward to help him serve his cause.

In a world full of selfish people, Katariya is a selfless soul who believes in helping others. He has unconditional love for poor and needy people. He does everything in his power to help people in need.

People like Katariya are the unsung heroes of our society. They serve others without expecting anything in return. Their selfless love and respect toward other beings are what make them great.

Recently, while giving an interview, Katariya said that instead of getting involved in politics, he would like to continue to help needy people. He derives happiness and joy from helping others and fulfilling their needs.

During the second wave of Covid-19, Katariya did everything he could to help the people of Surat. From distributing food packages to clothes and medicines, he did everything to provide relief in such a difficult time. He even helped those who lost their jobs and income during the pandemic.

The kind of work he does reflects his nature. Katariya is a selfless man who always prioritizes the need of others before his. Due to his incredible work, he has received a lot of appreciation from influential people.

Currently, many other social workers are helping Katariya in his cause. He started serving people at the age of 20 and he will continue to do till his last breath. He has dedicated his life to the well-being of others. 

People like Katariya are hard to come across. They are like a shining star in the dark sky.


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