Is Newt Scamander In Hogwarts Legacy? & Should Natty or Sebastian Accompany You To Hogsmeade?

Is Newt Scamander In Hogwarts Legacy? & Should Natty or Sebastian Accompany You To Hogsmeade?

You’ll start the Weasley After Class quest shortly after taking your first two courses at Hogwarts Legacy Charms & Defense Against the Dark Arts. In this quest, you’ll be asked to visit the Transfiguration classroom to speak with Professor Weasley for a short while.

She will inform you that she has chosen to give you a task in the neighboring magical hamlet of Hogsmeade, but since it will be your first visit there, she prefers that you be escorted by a more seasoned pupil. She proposes picking one of those two as you engaged a lot with Natais “Natty” Onai during Charms class and Sebastian Sallow during Defense Against the Dark Arts class. But which one ought to you pick?

Which Partner Is Ideal:

You should choose the companion you are most eager to learn more about for your first task in Hogsmeade since that is the only meaningful difference this choice will make.

Go with Natty if you want to learn more about her, or go with Sebastian if you want to learn more about him, as you’ll converse with your travelling companion and learn more about them as you make your way towards Hogsmeade. You can always meet up with whomever you don’t go with once you return to Hogwarts if you want to learn more about either of them.

There is very little to no impact on the plot or gameplay of the remaining Welcome to Hogsmeade task depending on the Hogsmeade companion you choose. You may select any of them regardless of your own house since Natty is in House Gryffindor and Sebastian is in House Slytherin.

Regardless of the option you choose, you won’t instantly arrange to meet with them and head to Hogsmeade. You must first do a task for Professor Ronen & acquire the Reparo repairing charm spell. Follow the main goal marker to meet Natty or Sebastian at the Hogwarts entryway after finishing Professor Ronen’s Assignment.

Does Hogwarts Legacy Include Newt Scamander?

Hogwarts Legacy is receiving much more attention than we anticipated. Numerous players are immersed in the game and perusing every inch of the fabled institution. Certain Easter eggs have been spotted here and there by some seasoned Wizarding World readers.

Some players have discovered well-known bloodlines from popular movies in the game. One of them is Matilda Weasley, who is a member of the famous movie family.

Those who choose Hufflepuff as their home will also recognize a name during the game’s opening primary quests. Many individuals search for characters in their juvenile incarnations as a result of this.

Dumbledore & Newt Scamander are the two that people look for the most. We’ll concentrate on the latter today. We have the solution to your question about whether Newt Scamander appears in Hogwarts Legacy right here.

The Hogwarts Legacy does not have any appearances by Newt Scamander. He hasn’t been born yet at the time of the game, which is an obvious and straightforward explanation. The events in Hogwarts Legacy take place in 1890. Several years later, on February 24, 1897, is Newt’s birthday.

To allow the creators of the game to create a fresh and unique plot in the school, the game is set before the appearance of many of your loved Wizarding World characters. Although you could come across one or two characters with last names you recognize while playing, they are related.

It Wil Be Difficult To See Newt Playing A Significant Part In Game:

It would be difficult to see Newt playing a significant part in a game like Hogwarts Legacy, even if the game was set after his time. He finds social interaction unpleasant and rather prefers the company of the mystical creatures he looks after in his suitcase. He doesn’t have a lot of pals, but it wouldn’t stop you from interacting with magical creatures around.


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