In Warframe, Here’s How To Get Five Seconds Of Air Time On A K-Drive

In Warframe, Here’s How To Get Five Seconds Of Air Time On A K-Drive:

Update 30.5 for Warframe adds new enemies called Sisters of Parvos, new weapons, as well as a new Warframe named Yareli that is tied to a fresh quest.

The new quest, named The Waverider, needs to be done by anyone who hopes to get Yareli. In it, Tenno tries to save the existence of a single of the hoverboarding Ventkids by deciphering the pages of an old Orokin comic. It seems a little odd.

When the Yareli Warframe was added, it made K-Drive crazy about Warframe. If players want to get her, they will have to let their wild side out and figure out how to get five seconds of airtime upon a K-Drive.

We made this guide to show gamers how to save those five seconds upon the way to their fresh Warframe.

But you’ll need to improve your K-Rider skills as well as do a few tasks to get the Yareli design, and that’s before you can start making the Yareli parts for Warframe. Here’s all the information you need for obtaining Yareli within Warframe:

How To Get 5 Seconds Of Airtime On A K-Drive:

Within Warframe, players must navigate a K-Drive over a jump and keep it in the air for a minimum of five seconds to get 5 seconds of flight.

This is one of the tasks that must be done to open Page 4 for the Waverider quest. It must be done if you want to move the story forward in that part.

The best place to go to finish this task is in Orb Vallis, which is in the very south of the map. There is a huge rock outcropping that sticks out over the Orb Vallis. It is to the southeast of the Transit Depot as well as the southwest of the Spaceport.

It’s tucked away from the rest of the game, so players might not think of it first when they’re trying to get their K-Drive off the ground. But it’s the best we could come up with.

Players can use their Archwing to fly to the highest point and then use their K-Drive to speed to the bottom and charge up a jump.

Next, players must let go of the jump when they hit the edge as well as aim for the lowest point of the valley beneath them to make their fall last longer.

It may require a few tries for this to work properly, but eventually, gamers will be able to count off the amount of time they need and move on to the next task.

In Warframe, you can lengthen or make the greatest amount of a K-Drive jump by doing tricks.

Messing around within the atmosphere while falling can assist players learn the exact moves needed to push K-Drives beyond their limits in future races.

How Do I Get A Copy Of The Yareli Blueprint?

When you finish The Wave-rider, you get the plan for Yareli’s ship as a prize. Most of Warframe’s quests involve learning novel game modes, such as The Glast Gambit, which gives you The Index, as well as unlocking new features, like Rising Tide, which gets you Rail-jack.

However, The Wave-rider relies on the K-Drive. Since it came out in 2018, the K-Drive hasn’t been used much. It’s basically a scooter that lets us ride like Tony Hawk. To move forward in the quest, you’ll have to do bigger and bigger things to open pages within the comic.

If you haven’t used the K-Drive much before, you’ll be ready to ease into it because the mission’s requirements start out easy and get harder as you go. It will still be hard, though, if you don’t know how to use the K-Drive.

Understanding how points are given is a big part of the problem. Learning how to link tricks together will help you get far.

Early on, it’s not too much of a problem, but if you must achieve certain scores as well as a combo multiplier subsequently in the quest, the pipes right outside Fortuna’s door would be an excellent spot to do it.

These pipes are sufficiently long that you can easily chain jumps as well as grinds on them to get high scores while maintaining combos running for longer, which is what the quest wants you to do.


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