In Tears Of The Kingdom, What Are Billson Mushrooms

In Tears Of The Kingdom, What Are Billson Mushrooms?

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, do you want to understand how to get Billson mushrooms? As you travel the fields of Hyrule, you may carry out different tasks. Some of them give you new tools or things, while others let you use new features or go to new places.

The second type is Billson Mushroom Quest. But a lot of players have trouble with this quest because they can’t find the mushrooms they need. So, keep reading to figure out how to obtain Billson mushrooms within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

You may have heard that Tears of the Kingdom talks about Billson mushrooms. If you love cooking as much as I do, like me, you must be looking for every item in the new Legend of Zelda game.

But a lot of players are wondering how they can even get this kind of mushroom within the game. Use this guide to find out more regarding the Billson mushrooms within Tears of the Kingdom.

Billson Mushrooms could be the best joke Nintendo has ever played on Zelda fans. They help players find how to get towards the Skyview Tower, but it took a few people entirely too long to find out what this funny growth really means.

Are There Real Billson Mushrooms?

No, there are no Billson mushrooms within Tears of the Kingdom. At Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower, an NPC named Billson tells Link that they may be found in a nearby cave. Players should go to the cave to find the real answer to the tower’s puzzle.

This is only one of the numerous methods in which the game tricks players by giving them vague directions that appear clear but lead to an entirely different answer. It makes you think outside the box, which has always been the point of Zelda games.

What Do Billson Mushrooms Look Like?

Skyview Towers are quick-travel spots that will help you see more of the game world. But there is a particular tower whose door is very hard to open.

We’re talking about the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower, of course. This tower is in West Necluda, which is west of the village of Kakariko. Here is her exact location: 1342, -1179, 0166.

When you get close to it, an NPC called Billson will be there to repair the tower computer. Even though the door is not locked, he can’t open it.

So, he is going to ask you to help him find mushrooms so he is able to figure out the best way to unlock the door. Within Tears of the Kingdom, none of the players were able to find them.

Can You Give Billson Mushrooms?

The NPC named Billson within the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower can’t be given mushrooms.

This figure talks about mushrooms to lead players to a nearby cave where they can find the real way into the Skyview Tower. Billson won’t blink an eye regardless of how many different kinds of mushrooms Mushroom Link shows him.

Billson Mushrooms How To Get Them:

So, there is only one reason why you are unable to obtain Billson mushrooms within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: they don’t exist. Billson asks you to take him mushrooms from the cave at the bottom of the hill, but you can’t do that.

The NPC said that he found them there a lot when he was building the tower. But we think he ate all the mushrooms by then.

So, you are unlikely to discover any mushrooms within the cave beneath the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower, no matter how hard you try. But you can use your Ascend skill to get inside the tower from there. You have to do this from the spot on the map right below the tower sign.

Once you get to the top, it’s easy to figure out why the doors won’t open. It’s using a few long sticks. If you get rid of them, the entrance to this tower will be easy to open. Also, after the Billson correct, you may utilize it as a place to quickly get to another place.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, that’s all you must understand regarding how to obtain Billson mushrooms. The game doesn’t tell you what’s to do, so it’s a very hard task. So, if you do what we tell you, it will be easy. Check out our article on how to obtain Zelda’s Golden Horse in the meantime.

How Do I Turn On The Skyview Tower On The Sahasra Slope?

So, as I said before, you still need to go to the cave under the Sahasra Skyview Tower, even though there aren’t any special Billson mushrooms to be found.

Before you solve the problem, there is a box with the Shield of the Mind’s Eye behind some rocks in the nearby caves, if you’re interested.

Just know that you’ll have to kill a few Horriblins before you can get to the box. Once you’re within the cave, collapse the rocks to your right while you maintain an eye on your mini-map.

Move forward until you’re right under the map icon for Skyview Tower. Then, employ Ascend to punch up. Change your position as needed until you approach the tower’s inside.

Take The Two Sticks Out Of The Way So Billson Can Go Inside To Turn On The Tower:

From here, take the two sticks out of the way of the door so Billson can get in, then turn on the tower.

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, that’s all you need to know regarding how to get Billson mushrooms. Look for Twinfinite to learn more about the game and get more tips.


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