In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Get To Tarrey Town

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Get To Tarrey Town

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, if you’ve been making your way through the hot land near Death Mountain or heading north from the Wetlands, it might be time to stop at another famous town.

In the northeast of Hyrule, Tarrey Town is a great place to stop, and it even has train cars to make it easy. After meeting Kilton as well as Koltin and assisting them obtain a Bubbul Gem, Koltin is going to take off in his rocket to set up shop somewhere within Hyrule.

Kilton says Link that if he ever wants to find him, he can come to Tarrey Town and ask him. The problem is that place is very far away, possibly in a part of the world Link hasn’t been to yet. This guide tells people how to travel to Tarrey Town quickly so they can go there.

Getting To Tarrey Town:

Northeast of View Landing is where Tarrey Town is. It is two areas to the right of Hyrule Field and right next to Death Mountain. Link gets a new quest called “The Search for Koltin” after helping Kilton as well as Koltin.

With the help of this quest, players will be able to find Kilton in Tarrey Town and ask him where Koltin is. Find him by following the map marking or going to the locations 4019, 1618, and 0127.

As Link travels from Woodland Stable, where he met the two monster brothers for the first time, to Tarrey Town, he will come across a wide, open valley with what look like jumps for cars.

By going along the edge of the lake, you can find Koltin as well as his balloon. Talking to him will finish the quest “The Search for Koltin” and let Link use Bubbul Gems to buy more gear.

But this takes away the map marking, making it impossible for players to finish their important trip to Tarrey Town. It’s important to go all of the way to this place so that getting Monster Armor in the future will be much easier.

After 9 p.m. in Hyrule, Koltin will show up in one of many places. So, people should go to Tarrey Town, which is located across a land bridge within this area, so they can find out where he is going on any given night.

It’s a good idea to find a nearby shrine or finish the Skyview Tower at the region’s edge so that Link will have a fast journey place close by when he has enough Bubbul Gems to give to Koltin.

The town is full of NPCs who give out tasks, and once Link sees the monster and talks to him, he’ll know what Kilton’s plans are.

What Does Tarrey Town Have?

During Tears of the Kingdom, Tarrey Town has some interesting NPCs and normal services like a shop as well as an inn.

First of all, it’s where you’ll find Kilton, who collects monsters. He wants to teach everyone about monsters and will give Link a quest when Hudson Construction, where Addison works as a sign guy, finishes their current job.

If you haven’t been to Koltin’s Bubbul Gem Shop yet, he can also tell you how to get there. The shop also leans at an odd angle. Monster Extract, Kilton’s special ingredient, is part of its normal stock.

This lets Link make all kinds of things from a list of recipes for monsters. But make sure you’re getting the right mix, or the meal you make won’t be any good. You can also go to the Goron Pelison to break apart two things that are stuck to the switch power.

It only costs 20 rupees as well as is very helpful if you use up a few significant resources by mistake. On the western side of Tarrey Town, you will discover a train ride that takes you down to the Hudson Construction Site.

Here you will discover a place to get items and a few side quests to keep you interested. You can also find a goddess figure in the middle of Tarrey Town that will make your highest heart rate and energy go up.


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