In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Find And Finish Riogok Shrine

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Find And Finish Riogok Shrine:

Within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, do you want to know how to finish the Riogok Shrine? Even though many players only open shrines to get new fast travel places, these buildings can also help you learn fresh abilities or improve ones you already have.

Riogok Shrine isn’t different, and it encourages players to put their ultra-hand skills to the test there. This time, you only have a few logs to work with, which means you’re able to solve a few fun problems.

So, if you’re ready to put your skills to the test and finish Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Force Transfer Shrine, we’re here to help.

This Task Is One Of The Hardest Task InĀ  Tears Of The Kingdom:

The task at Riogok Shrine is one of the hardest we’ve seen within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The theme of this shrine is force transfer, so you’ll have to get crafty with how you finish it.

This game requires you to use long poles to link gears, so it’s time to try out the Ultra-hand skill within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

It took us a few tries to figure out how the Riogok Shrine was put together, since it was made with such fine skills. Overall.

We tried to figure out what the creators might have wanted us to do to finish Riogok Shrine, yet we were forced to come up with some creative answers. Tears of the Kingdom was all about being creative, and it doesn’t matter how you accomplish the Riogok Shrine as long as you do.

Riogok Shrine’s Location:

The Riogok Shrine is in Hyrule Field, southwest of Hyrule’s centre area. It’s about halfway to the Gerudo part of the map, a bit south of Outskirt Stable. Its exact location is -1441, -1615, 0089.

It’s kind of hidden within a tiny valley between two hills. On the map, head west from Hopper Pond and keep going past the thick trees and two rocks that make the opening to this small tunnel hard to see.

How To Solve The Riogok Shrine Puzzles:

At the entry of the Riogok Shrine within the Lord of the Rings, there is a locked door and a huge wheel in the middle of the room that is missing a pole that connects the two gears.

When you hit the bright yellow sign on the right, these gears will move, but the left side won’t move because they aren’t linked. This problem can be solved by connecting both of these gears, but you can also use your imagination within Tears of the Kingdom.

Grab That Stick And Hook:

There’s a clear stick on the floor that you have to grab as well as hook between them, which is a relief. When we did it, we connected it to the left side as well as waited until the right gear had reached the right place.

Then, the two started to move together, which opened the door. We don’t suggest starting the gear until you’ve put the piece between the gears, but starting it earlier won’t hurt anything.

In another room, your goal is between the two concrete walls on the left side of the room. But if you want the box on the right side of the room, you are able to unlock the locked door on the right to get to it.

How To Unlock The Door?

We put the broken pole on the floor of the room on the handle and pulled it to the left, which unlocked the door.

Now, we could take the pole we had previously utilized off the handle, connect it to a second pole we could see through the door, as well as put both of them under the box. When you’re done with the chest, take one of these poles with you to the real problem on the left side of the room.

Use The Ascend Skill To Go To The Top:

Here, the goal is to get to the top, which is where our skills with the Ascend capability come in handy.

We used the Ascend ability to get to the first platform, and then utilized our Ultra-hand on the pole we took with us to put it on the next platform. After that, we again used Ascend to get to the second level.

Use Ultra-hand To Grab The Pole:

We could use Ultra-hand to grab the pole on the first stage and bring it to the second floor from where we were. We put it against the wall here and climbed up to get to the last room,

which finished the shrine within Tears of the Kingdom. We used the same thinking we used to get the chest to solve this last shrine puzzle, which help us a lot.

This Puzzle Has More Than One Answer:

The puzzle has more than one answer. We’ve seen participants put both hands together to take all three poles and employ them to push the last platform up to the top. Both ways work as long as the shrine within Tears of the Kingdom is finished.


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