In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Beat Moragia

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Beat Moragia:

Do you want to know how to beat Moragia within Tears of the Kingdom after you get out of the Death Mountain Crater? Moragia is a huge boss with three heads that starts throwing things at you right away.

This means that you have to come up with a plan to beat it quickly and on the spot. But the real way to beat it isn’t what you might think. Here’s how you can easily defeat Moragia within Tears of the Kingdom:

Moragia is a kaiju-sized threat that needs to be fought in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. She is an epic new boss for the series. Tears of the Kingdom’s new game features and a reliable friend will give Link the chance he needs to beat this huge beast.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Moragia, Rising from the Death Mountain Crater, constitutes a component of the Goron’s story.

After you finish the training quest on Sky Island, you will follow the primary questline until you get the “Regional Phenomena” mission, which puts four golden marks on the map.

You will meet Yunobo at the northeast point, which is where the Goron plot begins. Eventually, you will get to Death Mountain if you do the “Yunobo of Goron City” task.

How To Get Rid Of Moragia:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Moragia is a huge, three-headed lava snake that throws huge fireballs at Link during the fight.

You can try to climb up Moragia’s body, but even with the Flamebreaker Armor on, the heat will start to hurt you. You can try to use Yunobo’s special attack, where Link fires him such as a bullet at the enemy, but you won’t be close enough to do any damage.

In Tears of the Kingdom, when you use the Ultra-hand ability, you can see a wing glider with four supporters, two batteries, as well as a control stick near where Link starts the fight. This is the key to beating Moragia.

Grab this car, move to the edge of the mountain, hit the fans with a weapon, as well as grab the control stick. You now have a flying car, like the biplanes that fought King Kong, that you can use to get around Moragia.

Take Help Of Yunonbos Help To Kill Moragia:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you will require Yunonbo’s help to hurt Moragia. He will stick to the front of your ship, which means that you can use the A button to fire him like a rocket.

All you have to do is fly around Moragia’s three heads as well as shoot them if they get close enough. Each head can be killed with just one shot, so don’t be afraid to get close. When hit, the heads will crumble into stone.

Moragia is one of Tears of the Kingdom’s most artistically interesting boss fights, and it’s not too hard to beat her, so take your time and have fun it.


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