In Pokemon Go, Is It Possible To Catch A Shiny Kecleon?

In Pokemon Go, Is It Possible To Catch A Shiny Kecleon?

After waiting for years, Pokemon Go players can finally complete their Hoenn collection now that the elusive Kecleon made a surprise appearance in the game on January 7, 2023, during Chespin Community Day.

In Pokémon Go, Kecleon can now show up. Soon after Chespin’s Community Day event, it started to show up, and players could then find this Pokémon in the wild. It’s hard to find this tricky, invisible Pokémon because it’s different from how players usually look for Pokémon.

If you’re lucky enough to meet this Pokémon and skilled enough to catch it, you might also wonder if you can catch a shiny Kecleon in Pokémon Go. With Kecleon’s recent addition to Pokemon GO, trainers can now meet this creature in a way that is different from how they meet other Pokemon in the game.

Some people may be happy just to add Kecleon to their Pokedex, but others may want something even better, a shiny version of the Pokemon.

Is There A Shiny Version Of Kecleon:

At the start of the Pokémon Go Tour, Hoenn event, the shiny version of Kecleon has been added to the game. When Kecleon first showed up at the end of the Chespin Community Day event, it couldn’t be shiny, so the developers held off on releasing the shiny version until this important, much larger event. It will still be available whenever it can show up in Pokémon Go in the future.

The Hunt For Shiny Kecleon:

Before going on the hunt for the hard-to-find Shiny Kecleon, players need to know how rare the regular Kecleon is and how it is found in a unique way in Pokemon GO. Like the Johto Pokemon Smeargle, Kecleon is one of the few creatures in the game which must be found outside of the usual ways.

At the moment, the only method for discovering Kecleon is by chance at Pokéstops, which makes it a rare sight in the game. Even more unusual is that this encounter doesn’t seem to be affected by outside things like Lure Modules or Incenses. This makes it even harder to find a Shiny Kecleon.

It’s not clear what makes a Kecleon attach to a certain Pokestop in Pokemon GO. It has been confirmed, though, that once Kecleon decides to live at a Pokestop, it will show up there for all players. The only problem is that the details are different for each trainer, like how many IVs it has & whether or not it’s shiny.

Players are in a tough spot because they can’t use Lure Modules to improve their chances of running into a shiny Kecleon like they’re able to with other Shiny Pokemon. Instead, they will have to go outside and explore places with a lot of Pokéstops if they want to find this hard-to-find creature.

There Is No Difference Between Normal And Shiny:

Normal as well as shiny versions are not too unique from each other. The normal one has a red stripe in the middle of the rim, but the shiny one has a blue one.

When you’re trying to catch it, you’ll know you’ve found the shiny version because its name will have little stars next to it. If you can catch one, we suggest giving it a name that makes it stand out from any other regular Kecleon you have.

Also, nobody knows how long Kecleon would stay in the game. After big events like Community Days, it might only be available for a short time, so try to get one while you can.


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