In Pet Simulator X The Following Steps Will Get You To Kawaii World

In Pet Simulator X The Following Steps Will Get You To Kawaii World:

If you feel like your cute pets in Roblox Pet Simulator X could be even cuter, you might want to check out the brand new Kawaii World. This world has four new biomes with a Japanese theme: Tokyo, Village, Candyland, as well as Temple, which is the last place and has a Giant Kawaii Chest.

The 13 new pets are the best part of Pet Simulator X’s Kawaii World update. The Kawaii Cat as well as Huge Bread Shiba are two huge pets that are also part of the update. Remember that you can only get the Huge Bread Shiba from the Eggs in Hardcore Mode.

On Saturday, there was a pretty big update to the Roblox Pet Simulator X game. This update fixed a number of bugs as well as gave players access to a brand-new biome. This new area is called Kawaii Village, and it can take a while to get there.

How Can You Find Kawaii Village?

To get to Kawaii World, you have to go to Limbo and finish Doodle World. After you finish the Doodle World biome in Limbo, you can go to the Kawaii World biome to the right of Doodle World.

Follow the path with the number 2 and walk all the way to the end to find the portal to the fresh Kawaii Village biome. This biome has four named areas for players to explore, Kawaii Tokyo, Kawaii Village, Kawaii Candyland, as well as Kawaii Temple.

How To Get Access To Kawaii World:

In Roblox Pet Simulator X, you are able to visit The Void’s mirror realm, Limbo, to get to Kawaii World. If this pet-collecting adventure is your first time, you can go to The Void by using the big portal in the back of Tech World.

Tech World is the area you can get to with the Cannon, which is hidden behind the currency-locked wall in the Glacier of Spawn World. Once you’re in The Void, you have to finish Axolotl Ocean, Pixel World, as well as Cat World before you can go into the mysterious purple cave that leads to Limbo.

How To Get The Cannon From Limbo:

Head over to the Doodle World Cannon when you get to Limbo. Lastly, in Roblox Pet Simulator X, you need to clear all 8 major biomes in Doodle World to unlock Limbo’s Cannon in Kawaii World.

To move through Kawaii World, you need Cartoon Currency, which is the same currency used in Doodle World. If your Dark Matter or Huge Pets aren’t very strong, the Daycare at Spawn World is a nice spot to passively farm Cartoon Currency.

If you don’t, it will take you a very long period of time to acquire the 6,500,000,000 coins users must enter Kawaii Temple.

To Hatch Eggs, You Have To Get Into The Temple.

In Kawaii World, you do need to open the temple before you can start hatching Café Eggs, Sakura Eggs, or Kawaii Eggs. If you are interested in obtaining the Kawaii Cat or HC’s Huge Bread Shiba in Roblox, you should focus on grinding as well as hatching Café Eggs.


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