In No Man’s Sky, Here’s How To Get Sentinel Multi-Tools

In No Man’s Sky, here’s how to get Sentinel Multi-Tools:

The Interceptor Update introduced a lot of creepy things to discover in No Man’s Sky, but most of them are only on the damaged worlds.

A new tool is one of the less obvious methods to improve your journey. This guide tells you the correct way to obtain Sentinel Multi-Tools in No Man’s Sky so you don’t miss out on a few of the best-looking weapons in the game.

What Are Multi-Tools?

The multi-tool is a general term for the weapon and digging tool that every player has. Its main jobs are to help the player find and gather materials. Players can have a maximum of six Multi-Tools, as well as the Quick Menu located in the Utilities area lets them change which one is enabled.

How To Find Sentinel Multi-Tools And Get Them:

You can only find Sentinel Multi-Tools at Harmonic Camps, that are only on worlds that have been compromised. So your first step is to locate a corrupted planet. You do this by looking for a disruptive system followed by looking for a planet with the description “Corrupted Sentinels.”

You’ll have to get a sound finder once you get there. There are several ways to do this, but by far the fastest is to look for jarring resonators and remove them.

You can use your analyzer to find these tools as you move around the world. It doesn’t take much to remove them, and you’ll get the Echo Locator right away.

Using The Echo Locator:

There are methods to work around glitches in the sound detector. It should be in your collection, and you ought to be able to use it on the exact same globe where you got it.

Before you’re able to use the Echo Locator, you need to find a new incompatible system and move there if you receive a warning about locational disturbance. Once you get the thing to vibrate, it will tell you where a harmonic sound is.

We jumped to a dissonant system and utilized the Echo Locator right away to figure out exactly where we were and find the damaged planet without having to scan every star in the area.

If you follow the coordinates for the harmonic echo, you ought to discover a harmonic base. These bases have been empty for a long time and are full of strange technology. They only show up on corrupted planets, so you’ll always be going in the right direction if you see this signal.

Your newest Sentinel Multi-Tool is in a spot at the Harmonic Camp, but you can’t get it yet. For now, it’s locked away. Look around the Harmonic Camp as well as pick up any strange items you find. Then it’s time to do something with the bloody yellow screen.

There are a few things you can click on in this screen. Choose the choice to read memory registers as you move across the menus. As you can see in the picture above, this will open up a list of text strings that end with math problems.

You need to figure out how to solve these problems and remember their answers in the right order. The results to remember from this case, that’s what we got, are 10, 9, as well as 5.

Next, choose the choice to go to the main screen, and then type in override symbols. This takes you to another screen where you’ll need to type in three glyphs that match the numbers in your equations.

We typed in the letters in order, from the top of the screen to the bottom. This will let you see the two secrets of the Harmonic Camp and give you an extra item.

Enter The Code Properly:

When you enter the codes properly, the first thing you’ll get is an Aeron Turbojet visual improvement. This could be included in your visitor at the point where you change how they look.

If You Stuck In Yellow Screen Repeatedly

By dealing with the yellow screen again, you can turn off the Multi-Tool seal as well as take the Sentinel Multi-Tool from the nearest tool bench. There are a few different ones in the game, so look for more Harmonic Camps when you want a different Multi-Tool than the one you find.

You will also be able to find dissonance spikes, which will lead you to a Sentinel Interceptor ship that has crashed. If you want, you can fix up that ship as well as add it to your fleet.

Can You Buy A Multi-Tool?

Yes, is the short answer. At the start of the game, each player has a multi-tool. At the multi-tool store in every space station, you can buy new models.

They can also be bought at any space oddity or small station with a landing pad nearby. You might get a new multi-tool from some NPCs. These multi-tools are going to be broken and will need to be fixed in a number of ways, just like a crashed spaceship.

Keep In Mind:

Each multi-tool has a price that is measured in units. When you buy a new model, the price of your old model will be taken off the price of the new model. In a system, each planet, moon, as well as space station has its own set of two to four multi-tool types.

When you save and load on the surface of a world, you change the pool of multi-tools that system can choose from. You can also change the loot pool by using a base teleport module, a doorway, or moving into a system.


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