In Nightmare: PlayStation 4 exclusive game will soon be available

In Nightmare

In Nightmare: PlayStation 4 exclusive game will soon be available.

It’s been almost two years since In Nightmare was announced on the side of the PlayStation 4 via the China Hero Project, this initiative which wishes to highlight the productions from the Chinese market.

Developed by Magic Fish Studios, the title has now found a publisher in Maximum Games’ presence, with a release in 2021.

The nightmare draws near:

Until then, plunged into a fuzzy future because of an exit horizon never really mentioned, In Nightmare seems to be closer to commercialization.

Intended to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, remember that the game is presented as a rhythmic horror adventure between puzzle and action-infiltration.

We play a little boy, plunged into a nightmare where his most buried fears are staged, which arose because of painful events in real life.

Behind this relatively miserly new announcement, we at least now know that In Nightmare has a price of $19.99 (probably €19.99 in Europe), waiting to really know its precise date of availability on PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for the next update.


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