In Chained Echoes, Here’s How To Beat God King Gaemdriel

In Chained Echoes, Here’s How To Beat God King Gaemdriel:

God King Gaemdriel is hard to beat even before you fight him. He is thought to be the last Boss in Chained Echoes. That’s because you have to collect 6 Elemental Tablets before you can enter his realm and fight the tough boss.

After you get the tablets & bring them to the right place, you’ll be able to enter Gaemdriel’s secret realm and battle the God King. Here’s everything you require to know to unlock God King Gaemdriel as the final boss and beat him.

Killing gods might be a job that a particular Spartan warrior would be better at, but sometimes the hardest jobs are given to the smallest people in the world. So, fighting the God King Gaemdriel seems to be something I wouldn’t wish even on my worst enemy.

Well, maybe I do, but even if I do, it’s still a tough fight. It’s actually the hardest battle in the game. What are we able to do to stop all the bad things that happen? Well, by reading a book about how to do it! In Chained Echoes, here’s how to beat God King Gaemdriel.

God King Where To Find Him:

You have to get the 6 Elemental Tablets before you can fight God King Gaemdriel. One of the minibosses is standing in front of five tablets, so you’ll have to beat them first to get the tablets.

It’s best to go into these fights with a party who’s already levelled up and gotten equipment.

All Tablet And Its Location:



Water Tablet Held by Boustrous in Narslene Sewers
Fire Tablet Held by Chel and Twi’Tone in Baalrut Tunnels
Earth Tablet Held by Randomage in Ograne Grottos
Wind Tablet Held by Krakun on a secret island in northeastern Valandis
Light Tablet Held by Assassin Girl in Perpetua
Darkness Tablet Found in Wygrand Mines

When you have all of the tablets, go to the altar in Ograne Grottos & put each one where it belongs. This will open a doorway to Gaemdriel’s kingdom, so you can finally fight him.

How To Win Against God King:

The battle against God King Gaemdriel is split into two parts: the physical and the mental. The fight always starts with the Physical phase, which shows what kind of harm your party will take.

This appears to mean that your party should have moves and resistances that match these phases, that you’re able to build up with gear. You must bring a well-equipped group to this battle, with everyone wearing ultimate items.

Character Name


Egyl He should be your main tank, with as much Physical resistance as you can put on him. Keep him alive and make sure he always has Hate maxed against Gaemdriel.
Glenn Very important to bring for his All Break skill. This will not only buff your team’s damage but also save Egyl on the front line.
Mikah Bring her for her DPS as well as Larynx Attack skill to silence the boss during the Mind phase. Keeping him silenced will minimize his damage during the whole phase.
Robb f you plan to invest more damage into the Mind Phase, bring Robb for Throat Smack to lower Gaemdriel’s silence resistance so that Mikah can land her attacks and keep him silenced.
Lenne Alternatively, you can bring her to push high DPS numbers and combo with Glenn for a more straightforward glass-cannon strategy. She’s also a great pick to dispel his Regeneration buff, making the phase transitions quicker and smoother.
Amalia She should be your healer throughout the fight, and make sure to equip her with enough Mind resistance to survive the Mind Phase. It’s her job to keep your party alive and fighting.



Once you beat it, you’ll get a few rewards for your trouble, including the regular Grimoirse Shard, a King’s Monument, and 20,000a and 50SP from the Reward Board.

Congratulations on winning the game’s hardest battle! I hope you’ve had a good time on your journey up to this point, & I hope you haven’t died a lot.


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