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Imagine Din Djarin and Grogu as a middle-class father and son

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Mando and Grogu become one more family in this hilarious Mandalorian fan art recreating a middle-class family’s everyday situations.
The Mandalorian has become the path (pun intended) to follow for many Star Wars fans.

The series created by Jon Favreau and co-produced by Dave Filoni has revolutionized the Star Wars landscape by combining elements widely recognized and demanded by fans with novelties that respect the canons started by George Lucas more than 40 years ago.

Naturally, fans have expressed their affection for the series and its characters in many ways. Today we will focus on an artist who has imagined a funny vision of Din Djarin and Grogu (Baby Yoda) turned into father and son of a middle-class family, living their life and their daily situations but with the peculiarity of their characters.

Through various works, and under the title of The Dadalorian, TJ Howard has imagined all kinds of crazy situations for this little boy and his “father” with his face covered behind the Oskar helmet. Some of them are hilarious.

Fanart import some elements seen in the two seasons of the Star Wars series, such as Grogu’s macarons or the presence of Boba Fett with his aiming visor, or the meditation of El Niño when they travel to Tython.

Each piece is filled with different winks that demonstrate Howard’s immense love for The Mandalorian series. Do not forget to look at his Instagram to see the news, as The Dadalorian continues to have a place there with new works.

What do you think of this fan art from The Mandalorian?


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