How Wand Customization Works And The 10 Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods

How Wand Customization Works And The 10 Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods:

A wizard or witch’s weapon of choice is unquestionably strong, but you may personalize it with Hogwarts Legacy wand customization.

In Hogwarts Legacy, a witch or wizard must have a wand in order to really master magic. Obtaining a wand gives you a world of possibilities in the game, including the ability to cast several types of spells. When you get your first wand, you will be able to customize it. So, let’s have a look at how customization works in Hogwarts Legacy.

Other methods to personalize your Hogwarts experience include creating your own witch or wizards in Hogwarts Legacy character creation, adding flair with Hogwarts Legacy character customization, and selecting your House during the Hogwarts Legacy House sorting process.

Hogwarts Legacy Wand Customization Options:

Wand Styles:

You have the wand style all to yourself. There are 8 wand styles to pick from, each with three color variations.

1 Ringed (Dark Brown, Pale Brown, Buff)
2 Natural (Grey, Honey Brown, Warm Brown)
3 Soft Spiral (Light Brown, Warm Brown, Black)
4 Spiral (Ash Brown, Green-Grey, Dark Brown)Stalk (Honey Brown, Dark Brown, Warm Brown )
5 Classic (Grey, Black, Grey-Brown)
6 Crooked Spiral (Dark Grey, Warm Brown, Pale Brown)
7 Notched (Warm Brown, Light Brown, Dusty Pink)

Wood Type:

The intricacies around the wand’s wood are highlighted in this area of the menu. You may choose the wood kind, length, and flexibility of the wand. The length spans from 9 1/2 inches to 14 1/2 inches, while the flexibility ranges from “very bendy” to “unyielding.” Keep in mind that all of these choices are entirely decorative, and they have no effect on the appearance of your wand. They exist just to give flavor for people who want to focus on the intricacies.

1 Acacia
2 Alder
3 Cherry
4 Black Walnut
5 Cedar
6 Hazel
7 Larch
8 Aspen
9 Beech
10 Ash
11 Cypress
12 Dogwood
13 Ebony
14 Elder
15 Elm
16 English Oak
17 Fir
18 Hawthorn
19 Hornbeam
20 Sycamore
21 Vine
22 Chestnut
23 Holly
24 Apple
25 Walnut
26 Spruce
27 Yew
28 Pear
29 Laurel
30 Maple
31 Willow
32 Pine
33 Poplar
34 Red Oak
35 Redwood
36 Rowan
37 Silver Lime
38 Blackthorn


The length of the wand is:

The wand’s length may range from nine and a half inches to fourteen and a half inches. As previously stated, it is a matter of personal choice and has no effect on game-play.

Wand Adaptability:

The flexibility of the wand influences the wielder’s capacity to adjust to the wand. There are 19 alternatives available.

1 Quite Bendy
2 Rigid
3 Reasonably Supple
4 Quite Flexible
5 Surprisingly Swishy
6 Swishy
7 Slightly Yielding
8 Supple
9 Stiff
10 Pliant
11 Brittle
12 Fairly Bendy
13 Hard
14 Solid
15 Whippy
16 Very Flexible
17 Unbending
18 Unyielding
19 Slightly Springy

Wand Core:

Finally, you may customize the core of your wand, which is claimed to alter how your magic works when cast via it. This, like all other wand modification choices, is merely ornamental, but the descriptions of the cores may lead you to believe otherwise. For example, Dragon Heartstrings creates “strong magic,” but Phoenix Feather creates “a wide variety of magic.” Again, they have little effect on real fighting or game-play, so choose the core you enjoy the most.

1 Dragon Heartstring
2 Unicorn Hair
3 Phoenix Feather


Hogwarts Legacy Mods List:

The most famous Harry Potter game ever produced is Hogwarts Legacy. It allows users to explore Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the grounds surrounding the two in unprecedented detail. While the game is fantastic, it could always be improved with modifications.

Scarf With a Trans Flag:

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has not been without controversy, owing to Harry Potter author JK Rowling’s very public personal opinions being revealed online. This contradicts those views by including the transgender flag in Hogwarts Legacy, replacing The Dark Arts Scarf. You can get it here.

Realistic And Cinematic Reshade:

If you like the Harry Potter movies, there’s no harm in adding some realism to the game, right? A new version is now available to improve your Hogwarts Legacy experience by significantly improving the game’s ambiance and lighting conditions. The update will also eliminate the unique over-saturation & blue tint, bringing the experience closer to that of your favorite movie.

This patch allows you to significantly alter the mood and aesthetics while also increasing lighting, shading, & texture detail in every pixel of the plot. Almost everything here allows you to customise the appearance & experience to the point that you’ll feel like you’re the main character in one of the Harry Potter films.

Pause The Game:

One of the most annoying aspects of playing video games is recognizing you need to get up and move away from the Television during a cutscene but don’t want to miss anything, particularly when the game doesn’t allow you to stop them, like Hogwarts Legacy does. Thankfully, PC users won’t have to depend on the same methods as console gamers, thanks to the Game Pauser hack.

Installing this mod would enable you to stop cutscenes at any moment in Hogwarts Legacy, allowing you to get up and visit the restroom or grab a drink without worrying about losing out on the tale.

Elf in The House:

The House Elf (joke mod) transforms the player’s model into a House Elf. As the name implies, this is a comedy mod that you will most likely not want to use during the tale. Because the House Elf character model lacks lip movement, the cutscenes are quite uncomfortable. Still, it’s fun to hop inside a House elf and dispatch several Ashwinders so you can think one went on a frenzy after receiving a sock in a book.

Broom, Thomas:

One of the best parts of being a magician in Hogwarts Legacy is being able to fly about on your very own broomstick. We’ve all fantasised about it as children, and it’s difficult to imagine anything greater… Unless you grew up watching Thomas the Tank Engine like me.

The Thomas Broom mod transforms your broom into everyone’s beloved talking train from the Isle of Sodor. With the broomstick jutting out the rear, it’s undoubtedly the most unusual way to go about the neighbourhood, and is evocative of Harry and Ron’s flying automobile from the Chamber of Secrets.

Puzzle Door Numbers or Solutions:

You can easily answer any Puzzle Door in Hogwarts Legacy if you have the Puzzle Door Numbers &¬†¬†Answers mod installed. It’s wonderful if you don’t want to bother figuring out the solutions yourself, yet answers for specific Puzzle Doors are easily accessible if you know where to search.

Mode of Arachnophobia:

Some individuals despise trolls, while others despise Slytherin wizards, yet almost everyone has a logical dread of spiders. If you have arachnophobia, you should download this mod as quickly as possible.

The Arachnophobia mod just swaps every spider in the game & turns them into boxes. The boxes will keep moving & behave like spiders, but you won’t be able to see their eight legs crawling around, coming at you, seeking to bite you, and utilising venom.


At the time of writing, the most popular performance enhancement mod for Hogwarts Legacy is the Ascendio Unofficial FPS Hotfix for PC mod. It eliminates frame dips and stuttering while also improving communication between your GPU and CPU to boost gaming performance. In the video above, you can see it in action.

Reshade Realism Overhaul:

While the cinematic mode is nice and all, if you want incredibly realistic sights and gameplay, you should check out the aesthetic mod. This mod is in charge of reshading everything in the game, increasing the colours, and making everything from the landscape to the characters sharper and more detailed throughout the universe.

Hogwarts will really come to life, with almost everything becoming lively and related to our current world. Instead of the last set of films’ dark and gloomy tone, it’s clearly a lot better to be able to fly about, battle monsters, and accomplish objectives when everything is less dark and more focus, particularly with the big, wandering landscape Hogwarts Legacy has to offer.

Floo Lady Silencer Silencio:

This may be the finest Hogwarts Legacy mod we’ve ever seen. The Silencio Floo Lady Silencer silences Ignatia Wildsmith, the originator of Floo Powder, at all Floo Flame fast transit points. Without this patch, every time you fast travel, dash by a Floo Flame, or uncover a new one, Wildsmith will remind you how vital your FieldGuide is or how difficult it was to travel in the wizarding realm before she produced Floo Powder.

Paler And Darker Skin Tones For The Player Character:

Hogwarts Legacy’s character customisation isn’t bad by any means, since it allows you a broad range of choices to select from when creating your witch or wizard. However, when it comes to the amount of skin tones available, it falls short.

Thankfully, the Paler & Darker Skin patch for gamers expands on these choices by adding a few more ones. Just keep in mind that there are a few of these that do not match up with the body, but if that doesn’t concern you, or if it adds to the customisation for you, then you’re good to go.

Reticle With Dots:

The Dot Reticle mod transforms the aiming reticle that appears when you aim your wand into a dot from a large-ish circle. The circle isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s rather huge and gives you no idea where your wand blast will land. When you need to make a precise shot with your want, this dot reticle is significantly more accurate and helps you to see more of what’s going on.

No Fog Modification:

While the fog that surrounds certain portions of Hogwarts Legacy’s open environment is beautiful, it might be distracting when you simply want to appreciate the scenery. Luckily, the No Fog mod can assist.

This mod clears up surroundings so you can see them in all their unfettered glory by removing the game’s most egregious areas of fog. Some may seem bizarre without the fog to tie the pieces together, but the great majority enable you to truly appreciate how beautiful the settings are.

Other graphic improvements and adjustments provided by the mod may help make the game more aesthetically attractive to you. These include settings for disabling motion blur & depth of field blur, in addition to lens flare and other annoying visual features. The mod is also quite customisable, so have a look if you want to fine-tune your visual experience as you think appropriate.

Broom Mouse Controls:

This mod does exactly what you think it does. Instead of the wacky controls seen in Hogwarts Legacy, you may install the Mouse Controls for Broom modification and easily control your character on their broom using your mouse. The game’s vanilla keys are intact, however if PC is your primary platform of choice, you may find this method of flying significantly simpler. All you need now is a customised broom.

Potter Peter:

Love Harry Potter but feel like it’s lacking some of your favourite superhero content? Your unusually particular request has been fulfilled, especially if you’re a Marvel fan using the Peter Potter mod.

You may dress up as everyone’s favourite neighbourhood web-slinger with this mod, transforming your wizard into Spider-Man with an authentic suit. While you may stand out a little more than other pupils, you will do it in style.

Female Goth Girl Makeup:

The Goth Girl Makeup for Female modification only works on the first 5 skin tones in Hogwarts Legacy at the time of writing, but it’s an excellent place to start if you want to build a creepy, melancholy witch character. It’s ideal for playing out your fantasies of being an alternative witch with her own flair who doesn’t care what others think.

Broom Nimbus 2000:

While the broom itself won’t be available for another 200 years in Hogwarts Legacy’s timeline, we want the most recent advancement in broomstick technology right now. The Nimbus 2000 Broom mod incorporates Harry Potter’s notorious first genuine broom from the book series into the game, allowing you to travel the globe in elegance. The main drawback is that it looks to clip through the skirt or robe of your character.


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