How To Tame A Rex In Ark Survival Evolved

How To Tame A Rex in Ark: Survival Evolved:

In Ark Survival Evolved, the mighty Rex is a creature that people know when they see it. People know as well as fear the Rex because it has a big head, a loud roar, as well as tiny stumps for arms.

This big creature is the mainstay of the game, and you need to tame it because it has a lot of Health, good Melee, and can do a little bit of everything. In this guide, we’ll show you how to tame the Rex in Ark, Survival Evolved in the safest way possible, so that you and your tames both stay alive.

The very first ARK map to have more than a new creature is ARK, Lost Island. Players can take “survival” to a whole new level in the “hardcore” mode, or they can play in a more relaxed way on the “easy” settings. In order to stay alive, they have to gather materials, build bases, tame dinosaurs, as well as fight dangerous creatures.

In ARK: Lost Island, you need tames to get resources, move around, fight other creatures and bosses, and transport yourself. Now, taming can indeed be pretty easy if you use a few suggestions and techniques and do it the right way.

Specifically, you need a good plan to tame alpha creatures like Rex, Yuty, Giga, Spino, Tyrannosaurus, as well as Megalodon without getting killed in the process.

What The Rex Does In Ark And How It Helps:

The Rex is the most famous dinosaur in most games, but it is still one of the most famous tames in Ark: Survival Evolved. The Rex is a very aggressive animal that likes to destroy your day by randomly attacking you and your tamed animals. It does roar before it attacks, which gives you just enough time to freak out before you start losing your beach hut.

The Rex is a very big creature. At the same level as the Spino, it will have almost twice as much Health and a big Stamina pool. Even though they attack much more slowly, the rest of their gear makes up for it. If the Rex is well-trained and has a good Armour saddle, it can fight almost every boss in the game without much trouble. They are also one of the handful creatures that can use a Tek saddle, which is a weapon that can be used in raids.

How To Break A Rex:

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the top predators in ARK: Lost Island. It rules over a lot of the map. Rex is a very fierce animal, and he attacks any animal he sees right away, except for other top predators.

There are three different kinds, the regular Rex, the Tek Rex, and the Alpha T-Rex. You can find it almost everywhere on the map except in the desert. Rex is usually a mix of grey and red, and it has small scales all over its body and spikes on the back of its neck to keep other carnivores from biting it.

Rex are very important when fighting tribes, as well as in PvE mode, they make great mounts for boss fights. They are also one of the most safe dinosaurs to travel with. When the player is riding it, only the Rex, Yuty, Giga, Spino, Tyrannosaurus, as well as Megalodon will attack. Helena Walker, a survivor, says:

You Need These Foods Before You Tame:

The best foods for taming a Rex are outstanding kibble, raw mutton, raw prime meat, raw prime fish meat, cooked lamb chop, as well as cooked prime meat. Here is a table with an estimate of how much time and food it will take to tame a Level 150 Rex.

It’s easy to see why exceptional kibbles are the best way to train Rex, and he can even eat them when he wakes up. After the first hour, 70 per hour of drugs are used during this process.

Taming Time According To Food Type:

Cooked prime meat Raw prime meat Exceptional kibble
Time 2:53 hrs. 1:28 hrs. 36:14 mins.
Quantity 87 44 17


How To Bring Rex Down:

The best way to catch Rex is with the ramp trap. To make this trap, players need to build a 3×3 room with a door on one side as well as a ramp on the other. Now, the goal is to get Rex to walk up the ramp and into the room. Through the door, players can leave, but Rex would be stuck there.

This is without a doubt the best and quickest way to kill a Rex. Using your height is the 2 method for lowering a T-Rex. Players could indeed build a pillar as well as climb it, or they can climb up a cliff as well as shoot from there.

If players don’t have the right tools or environment to use any of the other methods, they could use quick runners such as Para or Iguanodons to outrun the Rex & shoot it from their mount. But the process is very risky and takes a lot of time.

The best way to control the Rex is to get up high. Even though a Rex is pretty slow and you’re able to outrun it with just just few levels in Movement Speed, you risk losing your kit if you commit an error and just get caught somewhere.

You can also use a tame you can shoot from, like a Stego or a Trike, to take the damage while you shoot the Rex. If you’re really worried, it’s best to put Large Bear Traps on the ground to stop them from moving.


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