How to Start Your Own Mobile Shop

How to start your own mobile shop

Technology is advancing, and the world is behind it. Well, who doesn’t want to upgrade fully loaded smartphones and gadgets? Mobile is more than an entertainment object. It is today’s necessity. This pandemic has made us realize why mobiles are so important. Sitting in the next room, our beloved people were in isolation, and we could talk to them and see them via smartphones. Thanks to technology. We all have smartphones, and to keep them safe, we need mobile phone cases. In this scenario, you can get phone cases online for a variety of options.

It is a big business. If you are opening a mobile store, you should know the requirements. In India, mobile business is a small-scale business. It is important to understand the market trend. Open shop in the morning, analyze business, profit scaling, and grow the business. Investment, returns, purchasing capacity, and customer needs must all be understood. With advancing technology, no one is interested in buying an old phone model. So, you need to work smartly with all the information.

Now, when you are all set to launch your mobile store. Do the following needful:

Rent or Buy a Mobile Shop in Good Location:

Your mobile shop must be at a place where people have good access. A familiar locality helps you grow your business because of trust and compassion. People know you are a good person and will give them benefits in shopping than online stores. We know people are shifting to online platforms for the best deals. You need to provide offers and great customer service to retain them. A single 10*15 room space is enough for a mobile store. A busy market will increase footfall.

Make A Plan:

Planning is the key for any business to succeed. When you what and you want and how to do it? No one can stop you from reaching your goal. Growth follows those who follow the market and thrive. The mobile shop needs investment and patience. Phones won’t sell in a day, so plan accordingly.

Limelight and Infrastructure:

Infrastructure is quite basic. You need a counter, shelves and small compartments with glass covers. It is to attract customers and let them see what products you are offering them. You can make it attractive with LED lighting. It makes the shop look bigger, and the products catch attention. The latest and most expensive mobiles should be kept in front and old ones in the back. It changes the mind of customers. Sometimes they come with a budget but buys that look impressive. Research what customers like and sort accordingly. If your shop has space, put chairs in front so they can spend some time choosing wisely. It also increases sales.

Get A License and Permit:

In India, you need a legal document (license) to set up a shop. Licenses like a business license, resale certificate, business name registration, certificate of occupancy, Tax ID, etc. Are necessary. It is better to get your homework done before any startup. Keep it handy and get government certifications for no nuisance later.

Pick a Trustworthy Distributor:

Make sure your distributor provides you with instant service as per demand. If you need any mobile he should make it available. This is how the demand and supply chain works effectively. Customers should not go empty-handed from your shop. If they want something that you don’t have in your store, you can call it directly from an active distributor.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is the best marketing platform. Everyone has a Facebook or Instagram account nowadays. Google’s asked questions are where we can get mobiles? Which mobile is the best? Mobile under 20,000INR? What does a phone case manufacturing cost? How to start a mobile store? What is the investment in mobile store? And many more. These questions are asked because people get n number of replies from the social platform which is highly informative that no one can tell.

Today’s youth is highly active on social media. You can use SEO and marketing media platforms to increase your sales. Online and offline methods together make a perfect way to communicate with a large number of clients. You can hand your pamphlets via home marketing. Also, you can advertise through newspapers. Also, WhatsApp Business is trending. It will let you know what the customer wants. Call that device to your store and call them. It will save them time, and they will get home service. The greeting is important. When any customer arrives give them a proper response no matter how busy you are. Else they will not revisit your store.

Last but not least be patient. Sometimes people might not purchase from you. It doesn’t mean they will not come again. It depends on your response and the way you talk. Go ahead and set up a shop. We know you will rock. Best of Luck!


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