How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy’s Depulso Puzzle Room 1

How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy’s Depulso Puzzle Room 1:

There are 3 Depulso Puzzle Rooms hidden around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the game Hogwarts Legacy. A Depulso Puzzle Room is a big room that is mostly just one big puzzle or a set of puzzles.

As you might guess from the name, you mostly use Depulso to push stuff around to solve these puzzles. Other spells, especially Accio, which is basically the “pull” to Depulso’s “push,” also come in handy sometimes.

The Long Gallery leads to Depulso Puzzle Room 1, which is between the Potions Classroom as well as the Bell Tower Courtyard. It is not easy to figure out how to solve this puzzle.

How To Unlock Room:

Before you can use this room, you have to finish the side quest The Hall of Herodiana. You are able to continue this at any time in the game after the story is over, as it is still an option. The Library Annex of Hogwarts Castle is where you can find this puzzle room.

How To Find A Place:

Get to Hogwarts, The Library Annex, and the Potions Classroom quickly. Enter via the door in front of you where you spawn, turn left, and go down the stairs. At the end, there is a door on the left. To open it, you need the Alohomora Spell, which you can get from the Main Quest, The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament.

Verify the very first wall on the right after you go through the door. Cast Depulso on the small anchor in the wall. This opens the wall, and you can walk through it to get to Depulso Puzzle Room 1.

How To Finish Room 1 Of The Depulso Puzzle:

To finish Depulso Puzzle Room 1, you must open three chests that are hard to get to. Each chest has a piece of gear inside it, and when the first 2 chests are opened, a new block is added to the puzzle room.

When you open the third chest, a Collection Chest appears in the hallway that leads to the puzzle room. This is your reward for figuring out Depulso Puzzle Room 1.

Push or pull the cube that is one tier above the floor to the west. Then push or pull it to the north, and the cube underneath it will follow suit. Finally, pull it to the east so that it is against the two cubes that are against the north wall.

Now, pull the cube that is 2┬álevels above the floor to the north and then to the west. Then, push it to the north and then to the east. You can now climb up to the cube that’s one level off the floor, jump to the cube that’s 2┬álevels off the floor, & climb up to the first chest.

Once you have the chest, you can reset the room by hitting the glowing, spinning thing.

Move or pull the cube in the middle of the room to the north so that it joins with the cube against the north wall. Next, pull those two cubes south and push them east to make a bridge over the bottomless void.

Pull or push the cube one tier above the floor to the east, then pull it to the north. You can now jump from the bridge to the cube one level up and climb up from there to get the next chest.

Push or pull the cube that’s one tier just above floor to the west, then press or pull it to the south, and then pull it to the east with the cube it’s stuck to. Climb up onto these 2 cubes, then jump to the cube that’s floating 2 levels above the floor to get the third and final chest.


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