How To Solve Every Puzzle In Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Crypt Of Uhrma

How To Solve Every Puzzle In Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Crypt Of Uhrma:

In the video game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there’s a strong possibility that you may come upon the Crypt of Uhrma when you are exploring Jedha.

We didn’t give this site much thought when we were initially investigating it, but as we dug further, we found out that it was hiding a number of mysteries inside it.

When you are trying to find Pilgrim’s Sanctuary in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the mystery involving the Crypt of Uhrma could make you feel like you are in a rut.

On the other hand, much like the majority of the other riddles you’ve seen thus far, there is a method that requires a fair amount of manual work to uncover the answer.

What is the answer to the riddle that you’ve been given in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Crypt of Uhrma? A significant number of Star Wars Jedi: Survivors who began the arduous journey up Jedha’s highlands have been left befuddled by this door conundrum.

Once you have the solution in mind, the problem is not hard to solve at all, but until then, it may be rather perplexing. You have arrived at the correct location if the only thing you want to do is fling open this annoying door and continue living your hectic Jedi life.

The secrets may be accessed by anybody, but in order to expose them, there are a few riddles that need to be solved. During Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, this walkthrough will teach you how to solve all of the Crypto of Uhrma riddles.

All Of The Solutions To The Crypt Of Uhrma Puzzles In Jedi Survivor:

It could be difficult to find the Crypt of Uhrma if you haven’t previously found it yet; the place is buried deep down.

It is a place that can be found on Jedha, and it is located in the middle of the planet, between the Narkis Desert & the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary. It is accessible only to those that go into the planet’s most perilous parts.

When you are travelling down the Pilgrim’s Path, it is simple to lose track of this spot, particularly if you are in a rush.

As soon as you enter, make your way into the cavern and kill all of the various bugs that you find there. It would be wise to eliminate the pests first in order to have uninterrupted time to work on the problem.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble dispatching them, but there’s a lot of them coming at you.

Once they have been eliminated, you should search for a wall that has a number of little pillars protruding from it. When you approach near to them, they should flash in a different color to indicate that you may apply force on them.

Remove The Pillars From Their Slots In The Specified Sequence:

To open this door, you will first need to remove the pillars from their slots in the specified sequence. Following that, the bottom middle pair will come into play.

The sequence will be top far left, top far right, then bottom middle. You are free to remove them from the wall within any sequence that you like.

After you have entered these pillars in the right sequence, the door opens and you will have access to a number of objects that may be collected. These items contain a fish, another sim, plus a databank entry that you may have been lacking from your collection of treasures.

You are free to come back to this area whenever you choose, even if you passed it up the first time you were on Jedha.

You will be able to add additional Stim to your collection if you find it early on, which will allow you to heal yourself more often while you progress through Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. However, this will only be possible if you find it early on in the game.


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