How To Shift Gears in Monster Energy Supercross

How To Shift Gears in Monster Energy Supercross:

Every person who plays a racing game should know how to change gears, and the same goes for Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 6.

To get the best speeds and turns, you need to know how to change gears. But how do you change gears in Monster Energy Supercross 6 while racing? Let’s look at the things you need to know.

Monster Energy Supercross Was Made By:

Supercross Monster Energy The famous Monster Energy Supercross series continues with The Official Videogame 6. Milestone made the game, which has a lot of different challenges, a career mode that you can change, and a lot of tracks to pick from.

It’s a fun and realistic way to race, and you need to know how to change gears to stay on top of the other drivers. Whether you’re new to the series or have been playing for years, knowing how to manually shift between the upper and lower gears can provide you with a significant advantage.

Changing Gears:

Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 6 gives players the option to go up or down in gears if they don’t want the computer to change gears for them. All you need to do is push a few buttons.

Shifting Up:

When you speed up, you’ll need to move up a gear. To keep a high speed, you need to speed up, so you should shift up when the tachometer pointer reaches the top of the green zone. By doing this, you’ll keep the speed you’ve built up and be able to go even faster.

You can shift up a gear by pressing the B button on an Xbox or the Circle button on a PlayStation controller. Make sure you press the buttons at the right time to make the change go smoothly.

Shifting Down:

When you shift down, you do the opposite of when you shift up. When you slow down, you should do this because it can help you keep control of your bike. When the needle on the tachometer gets to the bottom of the green area, it’s time to shift down.

To shift down a gear, you have to press the X button on an Xbox controller or the Square button on a PlayStation controller, just like when you shift up. This will slow down your bike, making it easier for you to stay in control when going around tight corners or coming to a stop.

Taking Control From The Computer:

How To Keep Track Of Your Gear:

By default, the game will shift gears for you as you go up and down. But you can take charge of the gearbox & shift between up and down whenever you want.

To do this, watch the gear indicator in the bottom left corner of your screen. It will tell you what gear you are in, so make sure to write it down & shift up or down as needed.

When It Makes More Sense To Take Over By Hand:

In some situations, it may be better to control the gearbox by hand. This can happen when you’re starting to speed up from a stop or when you’re in the middle of a tight turn or a chicane.

In Monster Energy Supercross 6, shifting up and down gears by hand can give you a big edge over other players.

You could indeed gain charge of your bike and also get the most out of it if you know when to shift as well as which buttons to press. Keep an eye on the gear indicator to make sure you’re always in the right gear, & practice shifting manually to get the best results.

You Could Really Play Monster Energy Supercross In These Places:

  1. PlayStation 5
  2. PlayStation 4
  3. Xbox One
  4. Microsoft Windows
  5. Xbox Series X|S


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