How To Sell Hogwarts Heritage Equipment

How To Sell Hogwarts Heritage Equipment:

As you continue through Hogwarts Legacy, you would gather various objects, some of which you will want to retain and others which you will want to discard. Regrettably, not all stuff may be preserved, and undesired items should be disposed of if only to earn some additional Galleons.

After all, you’ll need all of the Galleons you could acquire if you want to purchase everything you need for school and the safety gear you’ll need. This article will demonstrate how to sell items in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is here, and Harry Potter fans are plunging headfirst into a wizarding-themed experience that allows them to explore a huge and varied terrain while also picking their narrative route.

Gamer may learn new spells, complete intricate missions, ride about on broomsticks, and immerse themselves in the Potter-esque ambiance that Hogwarts Legacy has to offer. Yet, gamer will discover that their inventory soon fills up unless they know how and where they should sell stuff.

How to Get Rid Of Equipment:

Hogwarts Legacy is brimming with equipment items that you will ultimately equip on your character to offer them an advantage in combat. Gear boosts your defensive and offensive attributes, allowing you to last longer in combat and really damage those evil wizards and poachers.

Of course, you’ll need to get go of a few items of stuff at some point throughout your voyage. You have a limited inventory and cannot keep everything. Besides, the additional Galleons are always welcome.

Where To Sell Your Gear:

Any of the unique symbols depicted on the map have a vendor placed within their shop’s building, making Hogsmeade one of the simplest locations to find a vendor. There are also several merchants distributed around the wide environment.

Any NPC with the merchant emblem indicated in the above picture, regardless of vocation, may purchase old gear in return for galleons. The Hogsmeade map becomes considerably simpler to access when utilising a Broom or the Floo Powder Network, since both of these means are far quicker than travelling the whole distance to any vendor from the Hogwarts castle.

While conversing with one of these merchants, go to the top left of the screen. The Left tab is open by default to purchase their items, such as potion and its ingredients, but the icon to the right of it is where players may check their own inventory and sell their stuff.

Items of equipment have certain pricing attached to them for sale, which may be cheaper than the original price if acquired from a store previously. Unwanted items in Hogwarts Legacy that players desire to sell lets them save money for much more crucial tools against the slew of adversaries who ultimately attack the wizarding realm.

When you need to sell anything, go to any of the stores marked with a sign like a stack of Galleons. Speak to the shopkeeper and go to the sale menu using the number buttons on your controller.

How To Increase Your Gear Slots:

Completing the Merlin Trials increases the amount of Gear Slots in Hogwarts Legacy. These trials are symbolized by a circular leaf icon on the map, & your progress in each trial is tracked in the Challenges menu. You will be awarded with more Gear Slots after finishing the Merlin Trials.

After finishing two, 6, 10, 14, and 20 Merlin Trials, you may earn prizes for attaining specified milestones or levels. These awards give more inventory spaces for your items, with a total of 52 slots available.

That’s all there is to it. That’s all there is to know about selling items in Hogwarts Legacy. Additionally, check out our mesmerising review of Hogwarts Legacy.


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