How To Play Dead Cells On Easy Mode

How To Play Dead Cells On Easy Mode:

Since it came out in 2018, Dead Cells has been updated and made better in many ways over many years. The developer listens to what the community wants and then gives them more weapons, items, biomes, bosses, or other things to do.

One of these features was a way to change how hard the game was. This guide tells you how to play Dead Cells in “easy mode” so you don’t get too frustrated trying to finish it.

How To Play The Easy Mode:

You have to die in Dead Cells before you can play in “easy mode.” Start running as far as you can, and when it all gets too much, wait for death to take you.

The next morning, when you wake up, you’ll be in the Prisoner’s Quarters. This is where you’ll spend most of your time in the game, but NPCs won’t start to show up until you die for the first time.

The first time you’ll meet The Doctor will be after this first death. This NPC will show up in the passageway below where you start. Don’t leave right away, because The Doctor is a key part of getting Dead Cells to start in easy mode.

You could indeed open the Aspects menu by talking to The Doctor. Each aspect gives your character a huge boost in a different way. For example, if you use Toxin Lover, toxic clouds of gas and poisonous pools of water in the Toxic Sewer biome will heal you.

If you choose Firestarter, your fire attacks will do 100% more damage and the Violet Flames you make will do a huge 200% more damage.

You can play with many more Aspects, but you can only use one at a time. But there is something bad about taking them. You can’t get Boss Stem Cells if you have an Aspect equipped.

These items are dropped by bosses and are needed to get to Dead Cells’ real ending. As you move through each fresh version of the world, they also make the game harder.

If you don’t mind missing out on that, at least for your first run, then equip the Aspect that helps you move forward. You can always start over without an Aspect & try again later to get the real ending.

How To Get To The Other Difficulty Level:

Dead Cells runs in normal mode by default. In this mode, you have to complete the game and kill all the bosses before you can move on. You can’t select easy mode because that’s not an option in the game.

You should try to make the game easier for yourself by gaining knowledge how it works, getting better at it, finding blueprints on your next few runs, and unlocking upgrades that will help you in the long run.

By levelling up the Health Flask, you can greatly improve your chances of staying alive. This will let you use more health flasks before you reach the next safe zone.

You Have To Beat The Last Boss Of The Game To Play Hard Mode:

You have to beat the game’s last boss, Hand of the King, before you can play on harder levels. If you want, you could indeed look him up in the section of the guide called “Bosses.” There, you’ll find a detailed explanation of how to deal with this tough opponent.

All Aspects In Dead Cells:

In Dead Cells, you can play around with thirteen “Aspects.” Here is a list of what they are so you can see how they alter the game. The first 3 are unlocked right away, but you have to die repeatedly in order to get the rest.

Lover of Toxins:

Poison pools and poisonous gas are good for you and don’t hurt you.


Flames deal +100% damage, & Violet Flames deal +200% damage.


When you break a foe’s freeze, they take a lot of heavy damage.


Kill instantly any enemy that you strike with your initial strike while you’re invisible that isn’t a boss.


If you have any HP that can be healed, you can’t be hurt. Your damage goes up by the number of HP you’re missing.

Blood Drinker:

Every hit you make with melee on a target that is bleeding heals you for 3% of your highest HP.


Cursed Chests will appear twice as often. Curses no longer destroy you. Instead, they make the damage you take and give to enemies double.

Gotta Go Fast:

During a speed boost, you take 50% fewer damage & deal 100% more. Any boosts to speed last twice as long.


When you kill an enemy with your grenade, the cooldown starts over.


For every pet, deal +100% damage. This goes down to +25% for every Biter.


Four times as much damage can be done to an enemy when you fall or dive.


Your weapons that do damage over time with electricity will now bounce from enemy to enemy. It does 50% more damage each time it jumps to a new target.


Sets all deployable’ cooldowns to one second.

What Changes Are Made When A New Level Of Difficulty Is Added?

Level Of Difficulty: Hard

Some places have new enemies that are stronger than the old ones. This doesn’t change all of the game’s maps, only very few of them have new places where enemies can spawn.

For example, when playing on hard mode, you can find the Inquisitor enemy type in the starting area, which is called Prisoners’ Quarters.

The reduction in the amount of fountains that are good for your health. This is a big change that makes things hard. You can only drink from the fountain once every two times you go back to the safe zone.

The fountain is destructed in every other case. Because of this change, you need to play the game more skillfully so you cannot heal as often. It’s a good idea to get the upgrade, Health Flask IV, you also can seek out learning further about mutations & skills that make your character stronger.

The only way to get a Legendary Forge is to beat one of the main bosses. You could indeed spend your stem cell there to make it more likely that you will find better items in the game world or from merchants. In this situation, we want to make it easier to find ++ items.

Level Of Difficulty: Very Hard

The enemies are now stronger, and the maps have more places where enemies can spawn. This doesn’t change all of the game’s maps; only a few of them get new enemies.

There is no longer a health fountain. This is the most important change made to this level of difficulty. You should save up your health flasks and only utilize them when fighting bosses.

When fighting normal enemies, you have to avoid having to take any damage. Now, it’s additionally more essential to search for and discover the hidden stashes, that frequently contain food you can eat to get better.

There are also additional methods to get one more use out of a Health Flask.

Getting twice as many cells when an enemy dies. At this point in the game, spending your cells on shopping in the Legendary Forge is a good idea.

Remember that you can’t use the forge until you’ve beaten one of the primary bosses. After beating the first boss, you can get it. They are among the other things that the food salesman sells.


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