How To Make A Disney Dreamlight Valley My Hero Cookie

How To Make A Disney Dreamlight Valley My Hero Cookie:

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s recipes are always the best, and this is still true when new recipes are added to the game. Lovers of Wreck-It Ralph will recognise this three-star dish from the movie, and it’s fun to see it again.

This guide will show you how to create the “My Hero” cookie within Disney Dreamlight Valley. Disney Dreamland has a treat called “My Hero Cookie.” It needs three things to make.

One of them will let players choose which type of ingredient they want to add to the mix. Since you need three things to make My Hero Cookie, it’s a 3-star dish.

Cooking is a vital component of Disney Dreamlight Valley because it grants Dreamers a burst of power that lets them do things like water crops, gather crops, go swimming, and many other things.

Also, cooking gives the game a more realistic feel, especially when players have to gather the right materials.

How To Make A My Hero Cookie And What It Needs:

Players think it’s hard to make the “My Hero” cookie, but it only takes three elements, most of which have already been earned.

Even though this dish only has three stars, it can be a great gift to give to the people in your valley for gaining more friendship XP. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, these are the things you need to make a “My Hero Cookie”.

  1. 1x butter
  2. 1 grain
  3. 1x vanilla or sugarcane

These things aren’t too hard to find. For example, you can buy butter from Chez Remy. Goofy has a stand within the Peaceful Meadow where you can buy wheat.

Vanilla Grows In Sunlit Biome:

Last but not least, vanilla grows within the Sunlit Plateau biome, so you can buy sugarcane at Goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach. These things are easy to find and don’t take much time. Everyone will need coal, which will assist in making it possible to cook.

Players are going to have made their first “Hero My” cookie after putting these three things into a pot and mixing them together.

This Recipe Is Also Featured In Wreck It Ralph Movie:

This recipe is based on the cookie that appears in the Wreck-It Ralph movie. It looks like some of the other things in Sugar Rush. This three-star meal is a great present to give to people in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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