How To Locate Hogwarts Legacy’s Battle Arenas

How To Locate Hogwarts Legacy’s Battle Arenas:

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will fight a lot. Because of this, you should join the local Battle Arenas to improve your skills and learn how to use all of your spells. You have to look around the highlands to find the two arenas. You’ll get the Rise to the Challenges achievement if you take part in both of them.

There are a lot of ways to make your character grow in Hogwarts Legacy, as well as numerous ways to play the game. But if you’ve chosen the ways of the Dark Arts, you’ll probably want to practise these spells that kill.

The open world of Hogwarts Legacy is very big, so you can finish the main story and still only scratch the surface of the game. The Battle Arenas are a part of the game that is easy to miss.

If you want to get the “Rise to the Challenges” trophy/achievement, you’ll have to show how strong you are in both of them. You can test your spell-casting skills in the arenas, and it’s also a nice spot to earn experience points while performing duelling feats.

How To Get Into The Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arenas:

On the map, a special marker shows where the Battle Arenas are. It looks a bit like the dungeon symbol, but it’s not exactly the same. So far, there are only three, so you can’t miss them.

There’s the Dark Arts Arena just north of Hogsmeade, the North Coast Battle Arena all the way up north to the east of Pitt-Upon-Ford, as well as the South Coast Battle Arena by Feldcroft. For the purpose of this guide, only the two coastal arenas will count towards the trophy/achievement challenge, since the Dark Arts Arena is currently a pre-order bonus.

You’ll see vases scattered around each arena that you can use to turn it on. Just use any spell or basic cast to destroy them, and you’ll be able to go in and fight as you please. You’ll see a number in the corner of the screen that tells you how many you need to kill before you can move on.

Battle Arenas Can Be Found:

Battle Arena in North Ford Bog:

As the name suggests, this one is in the most northern part of the world. To get to the North Ford Bog Battle Arena, use a floo or broom to head east of the North Ford Bog area.

Battle Arena At Feldcroft:

This one is on the exact opposite side of the map. Go to Ironwood, which is south. Once you get there, you’ll need to talk to Althea Twiddle. She’ll be sitting near the Floo Flame. After you talk to her, she will point you to a statue. This is what you’ll have to deal with in the end.

Dark Arts Battle Arena:

Unfortunately, you can only get this one if you have the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of Hogwarts Legacy. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to buy it before you can get into this Dark Arts Battle Arena.

When you’re done with this, go to the East North Hogwarts Region. The arena is handy because it is right next to where the floo spawns. You will have to battle a few enemies, but you have reached your goal.

How To Get Into Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arenas:

Now that you know where they are all, all you have to do is open them. This is easy, though, because all you have to do is break some vases.

Battle Arena In North Ford Bog:

Cast Revelio in the area around the ruins and break the 20 vases. They are big and easy to see, so you should be capable of identifying them without much trouble.

Battle Arena At Feldcroft:

You’ll find yourself breaking vases in the ruins once more. You can talk to that statue after you cast Revelio and break all the vases.

Dark Arts Battle Arena:

Last, this is the easiest one for those of you who have the special editions. This is easy because there are only ten vases to break.

What To Look Out For In Battle Arenas:

The arenas for fighting are just what you’d expect. In each one, you have to fight wave after wave of enemies, and if you make it through them all, you get a trophy or an achievement.


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