How To Locate And Complete Tears Of The Kingdom’s Kimayat Shrine Puzzle

How To Locate And Complete Tears Of The Kingdom’s Kimayat Shrine Puzzle:

Within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the shrine known as Kimayat Shrine is situated within the Deep Akkala region.

This page includes directions for finding and entering the TotK Kimayat shrine, a walkthrough through the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of hidden treasure chests.

Here is a list of other TOTK shrine locations. In comparison to those in Breath of the Wild, the shrines within Tears of the Kingdom are a great improvement.

In fact, several of the shrines in the game have puzzles inside of puzzles that are too challenging to complete. This walkthrough will show you how to finish Kimayat Shrine, also known as Proving Grounds: Smash, a combat-based shrine that conceals a challenging riddle that no player anticipates.

During Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Kimayat Shrine must be completed. One of the most entertaining things to do during Tears of the Kingdom is visit shrines. You can solve different puzzles in them to earn significant rewards.

Additionally, you can practice using Link’s new skills within the Proving Grounds Shrines, such Kimayat, to triumph in combat. And there are some excellent weaponry within. Therefore, continue reading to learn how to finish Proving Grounds: Smash within Tears of the Kingdom.

Location Of Kimayat Shrine:

On the ground, directly to the east and north of the crest of Death Mountain, sits Kimayat Shrine. Any tower will require a walk to get there. You are able to ascend down from Momosik Shrine in Death Mountain if you’re granted access to it.

To get to far-north Deep Akkala, however, requires a long journey from Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. The coordinates for the given location are 2863, 3637, and 241.

Puzzle Walkthrough With Solutions:

At first, Kimayat Shrine appears to be a difficult battle. Link has had all of his armour & weapons taken away, so he can only utilise the ones in the shrine.

Players must first gather all available weapons and engage the closest Construct Captain in combat. The objective is to kill every single one of them, but with so few weapons and little armour, that task is difficult.

We assaulted the initial Construct Captain before scurrying to the right to combine a spear with a Zonai Frost Emitter. Enemies will be frozen in place as a result, giving Link the opportunity to switch to a stronger weapon and dispatch of them.

Use this technique to eliminate every Construct Captain on the lower level by running around the shrine. Three are unreachable, though, and they are on the top level. They appear to be insurmountable to defeat because Link doesn’t have sufficient arrows to slay them.

Killing The Construct:

To go to the platform and eliminate the last few Construct Captains, Link must construct a bridge. The most of the riddles within Tears of the Kingdom can be solved in this way, but it seems like a reasonable approach in this case.

Shoot ice fruit-tipped arrows at the water by combining them with ice fruit, which is located on nearby trees. Then, before joining it to the platform’s base, use Ultra-hand to piece it together into a bridge.

Create The Ice Bridge And Take Out The Final Few Construct Captains:

Although Link’s ice bridge isn’t particularly attractive, it serves its purpose. Run up the bridge after it is joined and take out the final few Construct Captains.

The best approach to get eliminated of them without letting them group up on Link is to knock them into the water. These constructs can’t survive within the water for some reason, thus a quick spear attack would do them in instead of a drawn-out sword battle.


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