How To Get The Travel Medallion And How To Use It In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Get The Travel Medallion And How To Use It In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you have to finish the side quest Presenting: The Travel Medallion Extra Adventure from Robbie in order to get the Travel Medallion.

Find out how to obtain the Travel Medallion, how to start the side quest, and how to make use of the Travel Medallion by reading on. Tears of the Kingdom is a part of The Legend of Zelda. Travel medals are very important things that you can pick up on your journey.

There Is Other Ways To Move Around The Map Faster:

There are other ways to move around quickly, but these things will let you make your own moving rings on the world map. In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can use this guide to help you get trip coins.

When exploring The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players have a lot of ground to cover, so tools like the Travel Medallion are very important.

This useful item fixes a big problem from the last game. It makes it much less stressful to jump from dangerous cliffs or precisely time your way up steep mountain sides.

Where The Travel Medallion Can Be Found:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, players must embark on a side quest in order to find the Travel Medallion. This side game is known as Hateno Village Research Lab.

It has nothing to do with the main story, so you can do it whenever you want as long as you’ve finished the training. There, you can talk to Robbie and ask individuals to make the trip plaque for you.

You’ll get a quest called “Presenting: The Travel Medallion.” This will lead you to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, where you’ll need to find the Travel Medallion prototype and give it to Robbie.

The Travel Medallion’s Function:

You can use the Travel Medallion after you finish the quest Presenting: The Travelling Medallion and give Robbie the sample. The Travel Medallion marks your present position within the Travel Gate every time you use it.

When your location grows a trip gate, your present position becomes a place where you can quickly move to. For example, if you want to go to a different part of the map.

you could mark your current position as a travel gate, go somewhere else, and then use fast travel back to where you last utilized the travel emblem. It’s much faster and easier to move around the map, and you can see much more of Hyrule.

Robbie does have additional upgrades for your Travel Medallion, but you can’t get them until you’ve entered 10 and 15 areas. You’ll have to keep looking around the map if you want your Travel Medallion to get stronger.

To Obtain The Shrine Sensor:

The shrine tracker is a tool that helps people in Hyrule find shrines of light. When you get close to a shrine, the sensor will make a beeping sound. To do that, you have to find a shrine.

On the right side of the user screen for Tears of the Kingdom is where the Sensor icon is. When you get close to a shrine, it will blink faster. It can be turned on and off with the Y button on the map screen.

Robbie will have you run around his house and then outside within Hateno Village to test the monitor. Find out how the monitor works by following it.

Blow Th Rocks At This Position:

It will take you to the Mayahisik Shrine, which is located in a cave with a blocked entry. To get in, you’ll have to blow up the rocks. At positions 3741, -2085, 0208, you can find the opening to the cave. We utilized a bomb flower to make it move away from us.

Head into the cave as well as glide down the hole to the right. Then, follow the cave system to the Mayahisik Shrine at coordinates 3730, -2058, 0189. Go back to Robbie as well as the Ancient Tech Lab in Hateno.


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