How To Get The Emmah Pet In WOW By Using The Disgusting Vat

How To Get The Emmah Pet In WOW By Using The Disgusting Vat:

The Drago flight expansion for World of Warcraft showed players many secrets on the Dragon Isles that had been hidden for a long time, along with the mysterious treasure filled Zskera Vaults.

Players have to collect Zskera Vault Keys to open the many locked doors inside and find powerful items, like Primordial Stones that are able to be utilized in the powerful Onyx Annulet.

Besides these useful items that increase your power, there are additionally numerous fun treasures to find, such as combat pets as well as mounts. This guide will tell you what you need to know to find the Disgusting Vat in the Zskera Vaults and get the Emmah pet in World of Warcraft: Drago flight.

The Zskera Vaults are one of the new things in the latest patch for World of Warcraft: Drago flight. There are lots of fun things to do there. Because of this, not only can you find powerful items in these vaults, but you can also find lots of toys and pets.

What Does Disgusting Vat Mean?

When you get to the room in the Zskera Vaults where the Disgusting Vat is, you’ll see that you can interact with it. This is because users could indeed use this as a place to fish! If you have Drago flight fishing unlocked, you would be able to catch an Emmah pet.


Before you try to fish Emmah out of the Disgusting Vat inside the Zskera Vaults, you should go to a trainer who really can instruct you Drago flight Fishing.

How To Utilize The Smelly Tank:

The Disgusting Vat is a slimy pot that you might find behind one of the locked doors in the Zskera Vaults. The Disgusting Vat is unique from other things you can interact with in the dungeon because you don’t need a special item from the vault to use it.

Instead, you’ll need to use your Dragon Isles Fishing skill. You don’t need a certain level of fishing skill to fish inside the vat, which is good news. Also, having a higher fishing talent won’t make it more likely for you to get rare items, so you don’t have to worry about getting better at fishing.

Right click on the cauldron as well as pay attention on your fishing bobber to fish inside the Disgusting Vat. When the bobber moves, right-click on it to get your treasure.

The fishing bobber isn’t always forgiving, so if you’re not sure of your timing, you might want to make a hotkey for it and just press that key when you hear it splash.

To do this, open the key bindings menu and assign the “Interact with Target” hotkey to the button you want to use.

The days of carrying a fishing pole around in their backpack are long gone, so if you know how to fish in the Dragon Isles, you could indeed interact with Disgusting Vat as well as fish for treasure without any other equipment.

Visit any of the fishing trainers on the islands to learn how to fish on the Dragon Isles.

What Can You Buy At The Disgusting?

You can fish up many useful things from the cauldron, but perhaps the most important is an exclusive battle pet called Emmah. Emmah is a fierce frillfish that is, thankfully, trapped in a floating bubble.

It’s important to note that it looks like you can only catch one of each rare drop from the vault each week. This means that once you’ve gotten all the good stuff, you’ll only be able to catch grey-quality vendor trash.

Here is a full list of all the good stuff you can get in World of Warcraft: Drago flight by fishing in the Disgusting Vat.

  1. Emmah
  2. Dormant Primordial Fragment
  3. Research Chest Key
  4. Primordial Stones
  5. Prismatic Fragment
  6. Neltharion Gift Token

The loot in the Zskera Vault is random, and it looks very different for each player. There is no direct way to get to the disgusting vat, which is a shame.

When players find the interactable object, it will be easy to see what it is because it looks like a pot of something boiling over.


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