How to Get Roblox Premium Subscription (Complete Guide)

How to Get Roblox Premium Subscription (Complete Guide)


Roblox is one of the best gaming platforms that is mostly used by gamers. The best thing about the Roblox platform is that it will let you play the game, and also, you can design the game as you like so that you can also let other gamers play the game and have fun.

That is, you can create, play and enjoy with the millions of users who are currently using the Roblox. Every game has its own in-game purchases to help developers keep the game up and run.

Pubg has Unknown Cash (UC), and Roblox has Robux. In the game, if you need a head start, customize your own avatar or buy some add-ons or accessories for your own avatar, then you need to have Robux to do it.

How to Get Roblox Premium Subscription?

To earn Robux, you need to have a premium subscription to Roblox, and that’s the only simple way. Depending on the subscription plan, you will get Robux.

Normally there are three kinds of subscription plans available. $4.99/ Month plan, $9.99/Month plan, and the highest plan $19.99/Month plan. These are the premium plans that you can subscribe to to earn the Robux. The Robux you get for each plan is listed below.

Earn 450 Robux / Month – $4.99/Month plan.
Earn 1000 Robux / Month – $9.99/Month plan.
Earn 2200 Robux / Month – $19.99/Month pan.

Before the introduction of these premium plans in the Roblox, there was a builders club. To provide the games with more options and upgrades, the company has introduced the premium subscription model. New features are added frequently to keep the users engaged.

How to get the Premium Roblox Membership? Step by Step Guide

If you want to know which is the best process to get the premium subscription of Roblox, then you follow the below simple steps to that. Every elite Roblox gamers have any one of this premium Roblox subscription for sure. If you want to join these elite gamers and show off, then this premium subscription is a must.

Steps to get the Premium Roblox Membership:

  • If you already don’t have an account with Roblox, you have to create one first.
  • Suppose you are a member already, then login to the Roblox account. There under the upgrade option, you will see the plans.
  • Choose the plan which is best for you. After choosing the plan, click on the Buy now option.
  • To make a payment to Roblox, you will have different types of payment methods available.
  • You can choose a payment method of your choice.
  • After making the purchase, you will be redirected to the billing page to check the invoice details.

Features of Roblox Premium Subscription:

If you are a pro gamer in Roblox, this subscription will definitely do more good for you.

1. Ad-Free Gaming:

The biggest benefit of subscribing to the paid plan is ad-free gaming. Mostly Roblox will be occupied with Google Ads in every game if you are playing Roblox with a free subscription. If you have paid for any of the Roblox plans, you can play without any annoying ads.

2. Selling accessories:

You can also sell accessories if you have upgraded to a paid plan. The Roblox lets you sell game-related accessories, T-shirts, and Pants. You can sell your custom-created plugins here.

3. Earn free Robux:

As I said above, if you subscribe to the paid plan, then you will get some amount of Robux for free. If you have subscribed to a basic plan, then you will get 450 Robux per month as an allowance. You can use it to buy accessories in the game.

If you have subscribed to the $9.99 plan, you will get about 1000 Robux in a month as an allowance. And the same goes for $19.99 plans also. This plan will give you 2200 Robux as your monthly allowance.

This Roblox premium subscription plan came as an alternative to the Builder’s club plans that were active before few years. Roblox removed those plans and brought this premium subscription method.

If you compare the advantages and disadvantages between the two methods, premium subscription methods will have an added advantage. With all the benefits, you will also be getting the Trade system benefits and a cool icon near your avatar.

Not only the above said benefits, if you have subscribed to the premium plan, then you will also get an additional 10% offer while buying the Robux. This will give you an additional boost while compared to the other users.

Also, if you get access to the Trading system, you will be able to sell, buy and trade game accessories inside the game. Also, these premium plans are more affordable than the plan of many other games like Roblox.


What will be the group member’s limit if I buy the premium subscription?

If you are buying the premium subscription (any plan), then the group limit will be increased to 100.

Can I play Roblox without any premium subscription?

Yes, of course. You can play Roblox games without the subscription also. But to buy the Roblox, you will have to pay the amount without any discount.
You will also not get any monthly Roblox allowances from the game. But I recommend you buy a subscription that will enhance your gameplay and will support the developer.

What are the other ways to get Roblox without paying?

You can also earn Roblox without actually paying for it. You can complete surveys, tasks, and trade items to earn the Robux. But you will earn a very low Roblox with this method, and it will be tough to collect Robux with all these other methods.


The above post will have completely described the steps to get Roblox Premium Subscription. I hope you have learned How to get Roblox Premium Subscription. If you still have any doubts about the installation methods or encounter an error during the installation, you can leave a comment below. We will help you solve it at the earliest.


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