How To Get Rare Cores Within Xenoblade Chronicles 2

How To Get Rare Cores Within Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

Within Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Unique Monster impacts form core crystals called Rare Core Crystals.

Rare Core Crystals are subsequently utilized in the game to make Rare Blades. There are two ways to get Rare Core Crystals. The Smash Driver Combo as well as the Overkill Chain Attack are two of these ways.

Within Xenoblade Chronicles 2, players are going to require a lot of different things to get through the game.

Some of these things are really hard to get, but they are very important for improvements. In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, we discovered two easy ways for players to farm Rare as well as Common Core Crystals.

Both of these ways to farm don’t depend on the time of day, which means players can start at any time as long as they’ve got 99 Cylinders.

How Do Rare Core Crystals Work?

Rare Core Crystals are required to make Rare Blades, which are the best weapons in the game. Unique Monster Drops are used to make Rare Crystals.

These Rare Blades also have extra benefits, so we put together this XC2 Rare Core Crystals Farming Guide to help you get as many Rare Core Crystals as you want.

How To Quickly Get Core Crystals:

Below, Xenoblade Chronicles players will discover a description of how to grind cores using both the Overkill Chain Attack as well as the Driver’s Combo Attack. This will help you get Rare and Common Core Crystals quickly.

Where To Find Rare Core Crystals:

Within Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the rare core crystal can be found in six different places around the map. No matter where you go, you are not guaranteed to get the Rare Core Crystal. Here is a list of all the Rare Core Crystals and where to find them.

Boss Fight, Chapter 2:

At the conclusion of Chapter 2, you’ll be faced with two bosses. Dughall and Morag are their names. After beating Dughall, the first of Chapter 2’s two bosses, your are going to receive the uncommon core crystal.

Core Crystal, Passed Down:

No boss drops the family core crystal, and you can’t get it from a box. You must instead buy it at the Torigoth Market. Go to Margia’s Odds and Ends at the Torigoth Market and talk to her.

You may purchase Inherited Core Crystal from this vendor for 500K. The chance of getting an Inherited Core Crystal is three. So, buying this rare rock is worth the money.

Rare Core Crystal In Dawnview Grotto:

The Dawn view Grotto is where you can find this Rare Core Crystal. Getting to this place is part of the main story events. Twin Trunks Hill has a rock cave that leads straight to Dawn view Grotto. When you open the white box, you can find the Core Crystal inside.

Rare Core Crystal, Part 3:

When you do the main story goals in Chapter 3, go to the conclusion of the cave near the source of Grief. At the finish of the tunnel, there will be a group of spider bosses. You will get a Rare Core Crystal if you beat the spider bosses.

Chest Flooded:

The Stomach of Uraya is where this Rare Core Crystal can be found. Head Fonsa Myma is in the Kingdom of Uraya. You can get there by going past him.

You need to find to unlock the debris-blocked flood gate at the Stomach. Then you’ll put your hand inside and find a chest. If you open the box there, you may obtain two Core crystals.

Rare Crystals For Boss:

At the conclusion of Chapter 3, you must contend with two bosses at the same time. Malos and Akhos are their boss names. You will get a Rare Core Crystal if you beat the bosses Malos and Akhos.

How To Get Rare Core Crystals

If you’ve played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for a while, you know that it’s not easy to get Rare Core Crystals. It takes a long time to get the Rare Core Crystals you need, which makes it hard to decide which Rare Blade you ought to acquire first.

We’ve found two easy ways for you to farm as many of these Rare Core Crystals that you want.

This will make it much easier to make Rare Blades, since you’ll have a steady supply of Rare Core Crystals.

Combo Smash Driver:

In the first way to get Rare Core Crystals, you need to get 99 Cylinders before you can do anything else. These Cylinders are easy to buy, so buy 99 of them and then turn off the “Salvage Mastery” Field Skill for every blade you have loaded.

Before you start, we also suggest that you use a Level 4 blade with the ‘Treasure Sensor’ Battle Skill. Being fourth-level will also help because it improves by 90% the chance that you will get a better prize.

When you’ve done everything you need to do at the start, you can go to the Salvage Point located in Mor Ardain. From the Kedeigh Gate, go south to get to this rescue point.

Start the Salvage process with the Cylinders you bought as well as fail every QTE. This is a big deal. You have to fail every single QTE.

This makes more monsters appear, so you can use the Smash Driver Combo to kill them. This makes them always drop two Common Crystals and two Rare Crystals.

Most of the time, the monster that spawns is a small hermit crab, which you can kill quickly with Break, Topple, Launch, as well as Smash Driver Combo.

Using only the 50 Common Cylinders you bought, this method will give you a median of 40–46 Rare Core Crystals as well as 55 Common Core Crystals.

Overkill Chain Attack:

The same thing to do as before. Buy 99 Cylinders as well as turn off the “Salvage Mastery” Field Skill on every blade you have loaded. After that, go to the Salvage Point within the Port of Anangham.

It’s on the lower floor of Anangham Dock 2. Launch the Salvage Process once you hit the Salvage Point.

Treasure Chests will be given to you when you finish the QTE events, but that’s not your goal here. To get the Rare Core Crystals, you have to fail these QTE events in order to have greater monsters appear.

For the Common Core Crystals, you have to dispose of the Small Hermit Crabs. To get an Unique Core Crystal, you must first fill your Chain Attack Gauge through killing monsters like Zamtrios and Stingrays that spawn there.

Once it’s fully charged, hit the following Tiny Hermit Crab that appears. It will die, giving you an Rare Core Crystal because you killed it with 200% Overkill power. If you do a chain attack here, an Unique Core Crystal will also fall.

You can use either of these ways as often as you want, and you can quickly farm both Common Core Crystals as well as Unique Core Crystals this way.


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