How to Get Free EA Access Codes? Top methods

How to Get Free EA Access Codes? Top methods

Every gamer loves to be a part of Electronic Arts. If you are a member of Electronic arts, you will be allowed to trial access the PS4 and Xbox games which are not even released.

But to be a member, you need to pay $4.99 every month. If you are a subscriber, you can also get a 10% offer on all the EA game purchases.

Instead of paying 4.99 dollars every month, you can opt for paying $29.99 every year. While considering every month’s payments, this is cheap. But still, people hesitate to pay for this to get a few percent discounts and offers.

To avoid this, you can use Free EA coupon codes to fetch a few free months of the subscriber account. Why pay for something when you can clearly get it for free. Below I have mentioned some of the steps to get the EA Access codes for free.

Games that you can play with EA Access:

If you get a paid EA access account, you must play some of the best games by the EA games. Some of the games are:

  1. Plant Vs. Zombies.
  2. BattleField 5
  3. All FIFA games
  4. BattleFront game
  5. NBA Live 19

These are the most popular ones. But not only these games but you can also get to play many other games too.

To play them for free, you need to have the EA Access codes. Let me teach you the methods to get the code for free.

Methods to get the Free EA Access codes:

Below are the simple methods to get the EA access codes. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Get the codes via GPT sites:

You might know about these GPT sites. Those who don’t know, GPT sites mean Get-Paid-To sites that will pay you if you complete the survey or the game. You can get the free EA codes from these survey sites. In these survey websites, you need to complete a survey with complete genuine details. Once you complete the survey, you will receive a coupon or gift. Sometimes you may get the free EA coupon. These sites will have signed a tie-up with the big companies where they need reliable, honest feedback.

Once you login to the site, you will be asked to complete a survey, download an app to review, answer few questions, etc. Once you have completed them, then you will receive the EA free coupons.

  1. Get the coupon from the EA itself:

There is a simple way to get the free EA coupon from the EA itself. Sounds awesome, right. Follow the method below. The EA website has a chat space, and that’s where we will talk to the representative.

  1. Go to this URL from any latest browser of your choice.
  2. To make this work, you need to have an account on the EA. If not, it won’t work. To login to the EA account if you have or create a new account if you don’t have one.
  3. In the chat window, ping them just Hai. Then it will assign a representative for you in a while. The representative will be allocated to you depending on the presence. So please be patient.
  4. Once you are with the representative, tell them you actually have a code for EA, but it doesn’t work,k and you don’t know why.
  5. He will ask you for the code. Now give him the code but a fake one. Tell them some alphanumeric code that contains 16 digits. If you are going with Xbox live code, then it must be 25 digits.
  6. Tell the representative that you have the code and you bought that code from the store, as a gift or from GameStop, etc. Try being genuine or authentic.
  7. By this time, the representative will have checked your codes and will tell you it’s not working there too, and would you like a replaced coupon if you are in luck.
  8. Tell him, okay, and you will have a replaced coupon which is now fully functional. Have fun. But this method might not work all the time so enjoy while you can.

This method’s working is fully by chance, and you cannot guarantee that it will work.

  1. Waiting for the free trails from the EA itself:

This method is only your last hope if you cannot get a coupon from the above two steps. You have followed all the EA social media pages and wait for them to open the free coupon code give away, which will happen frequently. 

EA is a company which will frequently offer free coupons to its follower often through referrals or some games. You can secure yourself a coupon with this method.

Warning: Never trust online EA free coupon generators. They are not real. They are just here to drain your time and data—nothing else.

Online EA Free Coupon Generators (Warning):

This is a warning about these online EA-free coupon generators. These generators are not real, and they don’t generate any coupons at all. They will drain your time by keep on looping within the pages.

There will be a button that says you need to submit a survey to get the code. But you submit the survey, it will go for another survey, and this cycle will continue without you getting any access to the free codes. Also, don’t ever give any important details on those websites.


EA Account is very cheap monthly, and you can get them using codes too. If you have the money to buy then buy them. If not, you can follow any of the above methods to get the access codes. But never use any online generators since they give you anything.

I hope you have understood the process. If you have successfully got the coupon code, then comment below. If you cannot get the code, then comment below. We will help you get one.


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