How To Get Auto Build In Tears Of The Kingdom And How To Use It

How To Get Auto Build In Tears Of The Kingdom And How To Use It:

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Auto-build is a very useful skill, but you can’t learn it until you’ve finished a certain major task job for Josha.

Link will get A Mystery in the Depths when he goes to see her at Lookout Landing soon after finishing Camerawork in the Depths. In that task, Robbie shows you how to utilize your Zelda Tears of the Kingdom camera.

Tears of the Kingdom adds a few new skills for players to try out. Four of them, like Ascend, Fuse, Recall, as well as Ultra-hand, are direct skills that change the world around the player or give them new ways to get around.

Through Robbie’s Tears of the Kingdom questline, players can also get access to a camera. Auto-build, which is an extension of Ultra-hand, is the sixth and last power of the Purah Pad.

One of the last skills you get within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the ability to build things on your own. It’s most useful later in the game, after you’ve had a chance to build a few different things with Ultra-hand.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, though, getting Auto-build is not as easy as getting the other skills.

Between the dangerous areas you have to cross and the boss fight you have to win to be able to use Auto Build easily, there is a lot to do before you are capable of employing Auto Build while in the wild.

What Exactly Is Auto Build?

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Link’s new arm has five abilities. Autobuild was the fifth and last one. Autobuild, which is shown on the ability wheel by three purple hands, lets you instantly redo Ultrahand builds you’ve already done, as long as the components remain in front of you.

For use with Autobuild, press the “L” button. This will bring up a list of the builds you’ve made in the past. Choose the build you want to use again, and a big purple circle will show up in front of you. Circle the things you need as well as let the system do the rest.

Getting Autobuild:

In Tears of the Kingdom, you have to go to a place named the Great Abandoned Central Mine within the middle of the Depths to get the Autobuild skill.

It’s not hard to get there. After you finish the task Robbie gives you, “Camera Work in the Depths,” head south of the Iayusus Light-root. There, you’ll find a Zonai structure that isn’t working, but if you turn it on and then talk to it, it will give you the Auto-build skill.

When you use Auto-build for the first time in Tears of the Kingdom, a pair of “researchers” will be nearby and ask you to do the same thing to their broken carts. When they do this, they show that they are from the Yiga clan, which has been sent to the deep along with its Master Kohga.

How To Defeat Master Kohga:

After you get Auto build within Tears of the Kingdom, Kohga dares you to a boss fight and sends ramming ram trucks to run you over.

To hurt the fat ninja, it’s necessary to get on the car with him. We had trouble doing this at first, but all you have to do is approach the fight like a game of chicken.

Face Kohga’s increasingly dangerous carts until they’re regarding going to hit you, then sprint to the side as well as jump on them to hurt the boss as he attempts to turn around.

If You Move A Bit Let The Cart Hit A Wall And Kohga Get Some Damage While He’s Stunned:

Later on, Kohga’s carts will actively charge you at ramming speed. If you move to the side as well as let the cart hit a wall, you can do some free damage to Kohga while he’s stunned.

At first, it can seem a little scary because the cart can do a lot of damage if it hits. But it’s too much fun to watch Kohga kick his behind repeatedly, and once he’s beaten, he’ll run away, leaving you alone with Auto-build.


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