How To Fully Investigate The Roller Mine Factory In Star Wars Jedi

How To Fully Investigate The Roller Mine Factory In Star Wars Jedi:

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, as you move through the world, you’ll hear a few stories from the many people you meet who are happy to talk about their journeys. There is a lot happening in the world as well as many places to visit, especially on Koboh.

Star Wars Jedi has a side quest in Koboh called “Investigate the Roller Mine Factory.” Your goal is to get into the building and blow some walls open. Here is a walkthrough and guide for the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mission “Investigate the Roller Mine Factory.”

One of these stories is expected from a prospector whose hearing was hurt during a single of the mines on Koboh when a roller mine exploded.

They say you should check it out and find out what the roller mine was protecting. Here’s what you need to know to finish the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mission “Investigate the Roller Mine Factory.”

Where To Begin Looking Into The Roller Mine Factory:

You can start this quest by going to the Jedi: Survivor’s Rambler’s Reach Outpost and talking to the injured prospector. You can find them sitting on a bench outside Doma’s Outpost Goods.

After you talk to them, they’ll tell you where you can go to find out more regarding the roller mine. Hunter’s Quarry is where you need to go. It’s near the Sodden Grotto, where you finished the mission Find Missing Prospectors.

Roller Mine Factory Where To Find It:

To move on, leave Rambler’s Outpost as well as head towards the mines that are outside of this bigger area.

There will be a few Jedi: Survivor Battle Droids as well as B2 droids guarding the way to this area, so you can expect a fight as you move forward. In the back, there will be a garage where several enemies are fighting each other.

Kill the Raiders, droids, and animals that are fighting, and then go to the right side of Hunter’s Quarry. You can run over a wall to get to the higher area, which should take you to the door of the Roller Mine Factory.

When you get inside the plant, you can find a few Jedi: Survivor souvenirs, as well as a terminal BD-1 can cut them. If you cut this connection, a roller mine will be set off and sent after Cal.

You will need it to get away. Drag the roller droid to the closed door, then employ Force Draw to bring the droid to you. From there, turn towards the door as well as ignite it at the broken material stopping the door. This will kill the BD-1 droids watching the entrance.

To finish this story, you need to go back to the station and tell BD-1 to call for another roller bot. Once you have it on you, drag it outside down the ramp at the front door.

On the left side of the building, there will be a door that is partly broken, just like the one that is blocked. Repeat the process of tossing the roller mine at the entry, and it will reveal a Jedi: Survivor Force Essence that you’re able to collect.

When You Get The Force Essence, The Roller Mine Factory Myth Is Done.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a lot of collectibles that can only be gotten by completing quests. This is one of the many quests that players will need to do to get to all of the collectibles. These unique things can be used in many ways, so it’s worth your time to find out more about them.

Check Out The Roller Mine Factory Rewards:

Cal’s greatest force will go up when the study of the roller mine workshop is done. This lets you use your skills in battle in more ways.


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