How To Fix The Glitch In Sons Of The Forest’s Inventory

How To Fix The Glitch In Sons Of The Forest’s Inventory:

In Sons of the Forest, you are able to access your things by pressing the “I” key to open your inventory. Here is where you keep all of your things, and you can get to it whenever you want.

But some players are having trouble with the inventory because they can’t open it no matter how hard they try. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix the bug in Sons of the Forest’s inventory so you can get to your valuable items again.

In survival horror games, you don’t always have to be skilled to stay alive. Sometimes, you also have to try to stay ahead of the bugs. Sons of the Forest has been out in Early Access for a while, but players have been having problems.

There have already been some big releases this year, like Hogwarts Legacy and Returnal, among many others. Sons of the Forest, which just came out, is one of the most exciting ones in terms of action & blood.

What Is The Inventory Bug In Sons Of The Forest?

In the game, it looks like your inventory is frozen & you can’t do anything with it. Players have said that the inventory either won’t open or can’t be used.

Restart Your Game:

This is the fastest and easiest way to fix the bug in Sons of the Forest’s inventory. You just have to quit the game & start it up again. But it’s essential to keep in mind that you have to save your game before you can start it again.

If you don’t, you’ll lose all the progress you made since the last time you saved. You just have to go to a shelter to save your game.

Changing The Settings For The Graphics Or The Resolution:

You can try this, especially if you don’t want to start the game over, but there is no proof that it fixes the problem. Even though this seems like an odd way to fix the bug, lowering the graphics settings is another way to fix it.

Just go to the game’s settings and turn down the graphics to medium if they are on high. Then try again to open the inventory. If the problem has been fixed, you can set everything back to high.

Wait For Update Or Patch File:

The people who work on the game are always attempting to resolve as many bugs as they can. Several updates are used to do this. If the developers know about the problem, they’ll probably fix it with a new patch.

Restarting the game is the fastest way of finding out if there is a new update. If there is a new patch, the game will notify you that you need to update before you can play again.


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