How To Finish The Weekly Mission “Mayday, Mayday” In Destiny 2

How To Finish The Weekly Mission “Mayday, Mayday” In Destiny 2:

Mayday, Mayday Midnight was the objective for Destiny 2 Season of the Deep second week.

In Week 1’s Mayday, Mayday Midnight task, the next step of the Deep Dive action has you go deep into the methane sea, just like in Operation Thunderbolt. Here’s how to finish the Destiny 2 task “Mayday, Mayday Midnight.”

Every week, there is a new task. This time, we’re here to help find a fireteam that went lost in the methane seas below Titan. Here’s how to finish the Destiny 2 quest Mayday, Mayday.

Within Destiny 2: Season of the Deep’s second weekly task, “Mayday, Mayday,” you dive much deeper into Titan’s methane seas to find more egregore coral to assist Sloane connect more with the Leviathan Ahsa.

It’s also short than the task before it, “Operation Thunderbolt,” and the boss fight is much easier to deal with. This Destiny 2 tutorial tells you how to finish this shorter part of Mayday’s weekly task, so you’ve got everything you require to keep going with the bigger seasonal story.

How To Finish The Mayday, Mayday Mission:

Start by getting the H.E.L.M. chief to send you on the “Mayday, Mayday” task. You’ll start where the last task ended: at the initial drill site, where a Taken link used to take you down below.

Use the button on the left side of the airlock to open the door, and then get rid of the few hives that appear in the room. The group consists of up of Thrall, Cursed Thrall, Acolytes, and one Wizard.

After you beat the Hive, go to the exit in the back of the region as well as decide which of Ahsa’s gifts you want. Go through the door and follow the underground corridor till you reach a rotating motor at the bottom of a tube.

Touching the fan blades will kill you, so land on the stage outside of them. You can turn off the fan and go down by flipping another switch under a slide. Keep going through the underground caves till you reach a door in a lever on the left side of it. The first one is inside.

Here, you need to clear out three piles of Hive chitin to find all three Fuel Cells, which you’ll then take to a command center in the back left corner of the field to power the drill.

Every time you place a cell, a small number of enemies will appear. I did the whole action with a Sunbracers Warlock build and had almost no problems, but a Solar or Arc Titan, Strand Hunter, or another add-clear build will work just fine.

After you drop off the final power cell, you’ll have to fight three boss-level Wrathful Predators to get the wrenches you need to fix the drill. The bright glow around them will tell you which ones they are.

Gather up the wrenches they drop, kill the other enemies that appeared with them, and put the wrench in the machine that appeared where you put the fuel cells.

When you finish three fixes, a Taken Ogre with a big collection of Taken Thrall will appear, followed by a Festering Brute, a boss-level Captain, Taken Vandals, and Centurions, followed by a Wrathful Interloper, a Centurion Boss.

After you kill the last three waves, you’ll be taken to the boss’s room. It’s the same field as Operation Thunderbolt, yet this time the boss is Kudazad, Bound to Xivu Arath, a Hive Wizard.

How To Defeat Kudazad, Bound To Xivu Arath:

Kudazad is a pretty simple place to meet. It has two life bars, and the first one it uses to float over the platform in the middle of the map. I really don’t think you should stand on that platform because the Wizard will do a Taken rite that will send you flying into the air and possibly over the edge.

When you get Kuazad’s health down to half, it will get a shield that can’t be broken, as well as 3 Drowned Ogres will show up. One is on the centre platform where Kudzad hides, one is on the left platform, and the other is on the right platform near the cliff wall.

When all three of them are dead, Kuzad is going to be much more mobile, which will probably bring it closer to you. But the fight will be easy from here on out. Use cover and kill the Hive mobs that keep appearing during this fight.

Retrieve Your Coral From TheĀ  Middle Level When Wizard Goes Down:

When the Wizard goes down, you may retrieve your coral from the middle level. Go to the H.E.L.M. as well as go down the steps towards the tank. There will be Zavala, and he will talk to Saint-14.

After you’re done talking, go through the blue door and talk to Sloane. This will drop the coral and let you see a different “conversation” between the two.

Talk To Sloane Before She Will Disappear And Gather Some Data:

Sloane will disappear, so we’ll have to talk about what happened in the following room. Go through the opening, and then use the Sonar Station. Then Sloane will tell you about what she went through. You’ll get an entirely novel Taken tool for your effort. And that’s all we have to do for this week.


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