How To Finish The Prophecy About North Lomei In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish The Prophecy About North Lomei In Tears Of The Kingdom:

One of the most important things to do in The Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom is to solve problems.

You have to do these puzzles when you want to move forward in the primary narrative or receive the Blessings of Light to improve your health and energy. Some of these problems can also lead you to boxes filled with valuable items.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players who want to get the Evil Spirit Greaves will have to look for the North Lomei Labyrinth in the deep Tabantha Tundra.

This is where they can start “The North Lomei Prophecy.” Link will have to go through three different maze tasks throughout the Tears of the Kingdom side mission to prove he is fit and get the hidden piece of armour.

The North Lomei Prophecy constitutes one of these puzzle quests. You’ll have to go through two labyrinths on the ground and in the sky before you can fight the final boss underground. Here’s what you need to easily finish this quest.

Link can find a maze while wandering Hyrule within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It is in the north. When you go inside, you’ll find a long side quest that sends you lower a deep rabbit hole in pursuit of one of the hardest-to-find sets of gear in the game.

This guide shows how to find and finish The North Lomei Prophecy so that no one gets stuck in the outdoor puzzles it has.

Where Is The North Lomei Labyrinth?

Link will start the side quest at the opening to the North Lomei Labyrinth, located at -0958, 3534, and 0234 within the Tabantha Tundra in the northeast part of Hebra. Those who have been to the Oshozan-u Shrine before can quickly get there and walk east.

Players are going to discover a tablet made of stone written in the native Zonai language at the entrance to the maze. A researcher has been to the labyrinth before and left a bunch of notes all over the place.

The first is to the left of the stone tablet, under the tent. It explains the word on the stone tablet. Players who want to get good rewards should go into the maze and finish its task.

How To Finish The Side Quest The North Lomei Prophecy:

The North Lomei Prophecy starts with Link going to the maze within the sky above the one he just finished.

The simplest method to get is to take advantage of a nearby Skyview Tower to get to the Hebra Mountains and then paraglide or use a car made of Zonai Devices.

It’s a good idea to turn on the Shrine outdoors the maze so that Link will have a quick way out if he falls. Link wants to find four connections like the one that they discovered in the maze on the ground and turn them on.

How To Finish The North Lomei Sky Labyrinth:

Link has to utilise their paraglider to fly around the paths in the sky maze. A steady flow of air keeps them close to the bottom platforms, so Link will always have a place to rest if he runs out of energy.

We were lost in this area for a long time before we figured out how to find the stations. There is one within the middle that is easy to get to because Link is led there right away. The last three are within the labyrinth’s three corners that aren’t the openings.

In the picture, you can see the sky maze and each corner’s three ends. These stations are marked by the sword symbols. Link needs to carefully follow the paths between them to get there.

The darker parts are where Link must glide over solid rock, so players will need to be quick to employ gusts of wind to help Link get higher.

What Does Purple Part Mean?

The purple parts show where Link wants to drop down to a low perch and then employ their paraglider to fly up under a barrier. With this map key in mind, all the players have to do was glide along the paths, occasionally opening the map to see which way to go next.

When all of the stations have been used, a new one will appear on top of the sky maze. Link can jump straight up to reach this from the last device they used and turn it on. This allows for the grate within the labyrinth below so Link can go down into the last maze in The Depths.

To Finish The North Lomei Depths Labyrinth, Do The Following:

The North Lomei Depths Labyrinth is an entirely distinct type of task than the labyrinths on the ground and in the sky. Link will find an Flux Construct III miniboss inside of it. This miniboss needs to be killed, but Link will have a hard time if he doesn’t have any shots to make light sources.

At this point, it’s best to have Link eat something that makes him glow or to put arrows alongside Blight-bloom Seeds joined to them all over the arena below so Link knows where they’re going.

Turn On The Flux Construct III Before You Climb One Of The Stairs Out Of The Battlefield:

We found that the best way to win this fight is to turn on the Flux Construct III before we climb one of the stairs out of the battlefield. Link can still use Ultrahand to reach the miniboss and remove the illuminated block, but the Flux Construct III can’t hurt you unless it’s in its flight mode.

Keep taking out the light block, fighting the thing, and then going back up the steps until the monster is dead. We started using armor that made Link’s power go up, but in the end.

We chose the Mystic gear set because Link loses Rupees rather than health when he wears it. Link can be killed by the Flux Construct III with just one hit, so it’s best to use this protection so you don’t lose the fight at the very last moment.

Once Flux Construct III is successfully beaten, the device inside this maze will start working. If Link talks to it, he’ll finish The North Lomei Prophecy side mission and get a box.

Inside there are the Evil Spirit Greaves, which are part of the Evil Spirit set of weapons and make Link more sneaky. Players shouldn’t forget to use Fuse on the Flux Construct III Core that the miniboss leaves before leaving. When we put it on a Great Zonai Sword, the damage went up to 52.


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