How To Finish The Diablo 4 Quest Keeping The Old Traditions

How To Finish The Diablo 4 Quest Keeping The Old Traditions:

The Keeping the Old Traditions mission in Diablo 4 is just another example of the emote-based challenges that the game like throwing at you.

In the same manner as alongside Traveler’s Superstition that The Pilgrim’s Footsteps, you will come across a mystery note while travelling through the Dry Steppes area. This note will point you in the direction of a certain spot on the map and will provide a puzzle for you to solve.

The world of Diablo 4 is both immersive and fully realized it is teeming with creatures to slaughter, treasure to acquire, and interesting tidbits of mythology all of these elements are presented against a gothic background that is both beautiful and scary.

Diablo 4 Will Provide You To Participate In A Variety Of Different Side Quests:

When you’re on your way through a sanctuary and all of a sudden a problem pops up in front of you, it may be really annoying, particularly if figuring out puzzles isn’t your thing. In Diablo 4, you have the option to participate in a variety of different side missions.

These optional tasks might be anything from simple fetch quests to expeditions into dungeons, battles against unique foes that appear on the map, or the completion of specified goals with little guidance.

One of these less obvious objectives is called “Keeping the Old Traditions,” and it’s a side quest. The specific steps you need to do to finish this quest are highly hazy, and the only information you have about them is contained in a little bit of text.

When we started trying to figure it out, we ran into a fair number of obstacles, but in the end, we were successful in finding the answer. This is all you need to know in order to finish Keeping the Old Traditions within Diablo 4, and it starts here.

Diablo 4 Keeping The Old Traditions Takes Place In The Following Location:

Keeping the Old Traditions is located in the Dry Steppes, close to the middle of the Untamed Scarps.

You may reach the location of the quest either by quickly getting to Jirandai and subsequently travelling north-east from there, or by travelling to the Ruins of Qara-Yisu within the nearby region and then walking west in a direct line.

Once you have arrived to the destination, you will see a book lying next to a rocky outcrop. To begin your journey, choose the book from the shelf.

How Do You Find The Answer To The Quest To Keep The Old Traditions?

Within Diablo 4, the Keeping the Old Traditions task may be found within the Untamed Scarps area of the game.

In addition to the village of Jirandai & the Temple of Rot, this part of the Dry Steppes is also home to the region’s namesake. It can be found to the south of Ked Bardu, which is the most populous city in the area.

Pick Up The Book Which Is Lying On The Ground:

There is going to be a book lying on the ground when you arrive that gives the impression of being accessible only at night. In Diablo 4, the mission did not display on our map until after nightfall had already arrived.

It did not show up during the course of the day, and while we needed to confirm this with other players, it appeared to be the situation when we attempted hunting for this task during the day until we discovered it after nightfall had arrived.

Pay Attention To Book:

It will be written in the book that, “Though timeworn, you persevere. Before you go all creative, let me just say this Yes, preserve our customs There is going to be a waypoint upon the map pointing to a nearby monument that you must locate,

and although there will be no hint as to what you’ll need to do next, it will inform you that you should continue to adhere to the Old Traditions and perform them right in front of the statue.

 Open The Emote Wheel And Select The Yes Emote:

Once you have arrived near the monument, open up your Emote Wheel & search for the “Yes!” emote. Fasten this to the wheel, then carry out the ritual in front of the statue.

You will have finished the quest after you have done so, and you will have shown due respect for the statue by adhering to the traditional practices.

This task is a bit tough since it does nothing to help you find the right answer, other than putting a giant “Yes!” within the quest text. This is the only potential pointer to the correct response for this Diablo 4 secondary quest, so be careful.


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