How to Finish Tangled Web in Harry Potter Legacy

How to Finish Tangled Web in Harry Potter Legacy:

Some of the side tasks in Hogwarts Legacy are magical, while others need you to explore dungeons and dodge spiders. Crispin Dunne provides Tangled Web, one of numerous side tasks you may do throughout the game. He is worried about his companion Mary since spiders have taken over the town of Aranshire. It is your responsibility to put a stop to this calamity. This guide will walk you through the completion of Tangled Web in Hogwarts Legacy.

Location: Hogsmeade
Quest Giver: Crispin Dunne
Quest Level: Level 25
Requirement: Having Finished Main Quest: Charles Rookwood’s Trial
Reward: Conjuration Spellcraft, 180XP
Mission Info: Crispin Dunne in the Three Broomsticks is looking for someone to check on                        a friend.


Talk to Crispin Dunne
Check on Mary Portman in Arkanshire
Protect the hamlet from the spiders
Find Mary
Find the source of the infestation
Search for the nest
Destroy the Egg Sacs x12
Find the source of the eggs
Defeat The Insatiable Spider
Return to Crispin Dunne in Hogsmeade

How To Finish Tangled Web:

To begin this mission, you must travel through the game until the season changes to winter. This occurs when you finish the second trial. Crispin Dunne may be found within the 3 Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. When you speak with him, he will inform you about the disastrous spider takeover in Aranshire.

Make your way to Aranshire, which is shown on the map to the southeast of Hogsmeade. Aranshire is situated on the eastern side of the lake that surrounds Hogwarts and is readily accessible if you have purchased a broom. When you arrive, you must destroy all of the spiders that emerge across the village. There will be a large number of them, so stock up on Wiggenweld Potions.

When all of the spiders have been eliminated, a purple search area will emerge on the minimap. Enter the building indicated by the marker. Mary will be enveloped in spider webs, with a message saying that she has been breeding them in her basement. To get to the basement, go behind her home and unlock the cellar door.

Go to the rear of the room in the basement to discover a ladder. After going down the ladder, your goal will shift to destroying all 12 spider egg sacks in order to keep the tragedy from occurring again.

Locations of Tangled Web Spider Egg Sacs:

When you enter the dungeon’s main area, you will be met with a swarm of spiders. More spiders will emerge when you kill some of the eggs, so be prepared. The eggs in this region are organised into three distinct groups. You can highlight them using Revelio.

The centre dungeon area has a number of egg sacs. Some are found on the ground, while others are found on the walls. Check the alcoves in the main area as well, since some eggs may emerge there as well.

To discover additional egg sacs, take the passage to the right as you enter the main chamber and continue the slope up to the 2nd level of the main room.

Head left from the main area and use magic to blast the wooden wall. More egg sacs may be found down the left tunnel if you go through door that appears.

Return to the main area after all of the egg sacs have been destroyed to combat additional spiders. After you’ve fought them, you’ll need to battle a boss in a chamber at the far end of the main area. After defeating the monster and all of the spiders assisting it, exit the dungeon and return to Crispin to complete the task.


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