How To Finish Jochi-ihiga Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish Jochi-ihiga Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is extremely open, and there are strange places, tasks, and sites all over Hyrule. Shrines are usually easy to use, but sometimes you’ll find one that needs a green rock to be returned to it before it will work.

If you fall into one of Lake Akkala’s beautiful streams by chance, use this time to learn how to get to Jochi-Ihiga Shrine within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Within this game, there are two types of shrines: those that are finished inside the shrine and those that are completed outside the shrine, like the Jochi-Ihiga Shrine. To solve this puzzle to obtain the prizes, you need to get a green rock to power the shrine’s shrine.

One of the 152 shrines within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Jochi-ihiga Shrine has a task that must be done outside of the shrine, not inside.

The Jochi-ihiga Shrine within TotK is not like most shrines because it is part of a rare group called Rauru’s Blessing Shrines.

Instead of just going into the shrine and solving its puzzle, Totk players have to find and bring a special green rock to a certain place to make it work so they can go into the shrine and get its benefits. Here’s how to find the Jochi-ihiga Shrine within Tears of the Kingdom and how to get inside it.

Where Is The Jochi-ihiga Shrine?

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, go to Tarrey Town in the Akkala Highlands to solve the puzzle at Jochi-ihiga Shrine.

You can cross a land bridge to get to the town at coordinates 4198, 1617, 0141, or you may utilise your trusty paraglider to get there from Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, which you can access at coordinates 3493, 2019, 0188.

When You Reach Tarrey Town Talk To Hagie:

Once you’re in Tarrey Town, you’ll need to talk to Hagie, who might be discovered near the train track locations 3921, 1599, and 0128. He’ll attempt to market you the big green gem that’s behind him.

He and Link will argue over the cost, which opens at 100 rupees, till his spouse steps in and lets you buy the crystal for 50 rupees less.

Now that you have the crystal, your job is to get it to the Jochi-ihiga Shrine within Tears of the Kingdom without getting hurt.

After You Took The Crystal Follow the green Beam:

When you take up the crystal, a beautiful green beam will join it to the exact spot in which the shrine is waiting for it to come back. The beam will lead you to the shrine, which is located close to the Akkala Falls at locations 3809, 1218, and 0090.

Talk to Hagie if the train isn’t at the Tarrey Town stop. He can call it for you. Once it gets there, you’ll need to use the Ultra-hand skill to connect the crystal to the train so you can quickly move it towards the Hudson Construction Site as well as continue your trip.

Take Zonai Charger If Run Out Of Fuel For Train:

You should definitely fuse anything you want to bring with you, because it’s very possible that anything that isn’t fused will fall off the train, which is perched on a narrow ledge. You might also want to get the Zonai charger near Hagie if you need more fuel for the train.

Once you get to the Hudson Construction Site, all you have to do is take the green gem off the train car. You’ll still have to carry it a long way to the shrine, and you’ll need to find Zonai devices close to help you build a boat that can cross water.

At The Dig Site There Is A Zonai Fans On The Ground:

You can use parts, like Zonai fans, that you can find on the soil at the dig site to make a simple raft that will do the job. Make sure you have a full battery for your Zonai in case it needs a little help.

After putting your ship together, use Ultra-hand to connect the green crystal to it so it can travel smoothly.

Get the vehicle and move it to the water’s edge so it is as close as possible to straight across from the shrine. On the beach, the best place to leave is at the positions 3722, 1409, and 0089.

Once you get there, put your car within the water as well as hit it to send it moving with you as well as the crystal on board.

When you get to the shrine, use another hit to stop the car. Then, remove the crystal and carry it to the middle of where the shrine is. This will turn on the Jochi-ihiga Shrine, letting you go inside and get its benefits.

That’s everything you have to do within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to solve the Jochi-ihiga Shrine and get your prize.


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