How To Finish Hebra’s Colossal Fossil In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish Hebra’s Colossal Fossil In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of side quests, and they come in all shapes and sizes. There is a chain of tasks that people who are interested in history and the animals that lived before should pay attention to.

Find out about Hebra’s Colossal Fossil and how to finish this side mission within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom by reading this guide. Hebra’s Colossal Fossil was the second component of the quest within Tears of the Kingdom that has to do with archaeology.

Link is told where to find another leviathan fossil after he solves the puzzle at Eldin’s Colossal Fossil. When you get there, a much harder puzzle is waiting for you. This guide shows Link how to finish Hebra’s Colossal Fossil so he can get back to saving Hyrule, which is more important.

Where To Look For Hebra’s Big Fossil:

Link gets a task sign on the Purah Pad for Hebra’s Colossal Fossil at map coordinates -3824, 3603, 0257 when he finishes Eldin’s Colossal Fossil.

On our way there from the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower near Rito Village, we saw a Frost Gleeok flying around the area between the Skyview Tower as well as the leviathan fossil.

Every time Link tried to kill the beast, he was frozen to death. In the end, we simply ran for the cave as well as hoped for the best. This appears to be the ideal manner to play if you haven’t yet given Link the best armor.

Walkthrough For Hebra’s Colossal Fossil:

Link has to locate the two bones that are missing from the leviathan’s body and put them back together to finish Hebra’s Colossal Fossil.

When Link gets to the place where the fossil is, he can talk to Loone, who is very interested in the fossils in Hyrule, to find out which bones have vanished from this leviathan. The first was a fin bone that sticks through some rocks on the left side of the cave and is easy to see.

Destroy The Rock To Get Fin Bone:

To obtain this fin bone, smash the rocks within it with bomb flowers or a tool made from a stone.

Link can use the bomb flowers inside the cave, but we discovered that they aren’t necessary if you just use a tool with a stone on the end. Link actually have to jump a few times, yet the fin bone did fall out in the end.

Use The Ultra-Hand To Connect Fin Bone To End Of The Leviathan:

To connect this fin bone to the remainder of the Leviathan, employ Ultra-hand to move it to the primary fin on the right side of the cave and place it as shown above. The bend of the fin bone should be towards the front of the fin and to the right.

Link needs to find a vertebra for its spine, which is the second bone it needs. This is frozen within a block of ice at the rear of the cave, which makes it hard for Link to get to if he doesn’t have the tools to make a fire.

Go Back To Loone To Set Fire On Stick So You Can Melt The Ice:

Link can go back to Loone to set fire to a stick, which he can then use to melt the ice. To get the spine out, we chose to throw a lot of wood at the bottom of the block before lighting it on fire using a fire-fruit.

As you can see in the picture above, the vertebra wants to have been put in the Leviathan’s body. The ends, which kind of look such as fins, require to be put in place so that the vertical edge faces the remainder of the skeleton.

What’s The Payoff?

Link can finish Hebra’s Colossal Fossil by talking to Loone after he has joined the two bones to the skeleton. She will give him 50 rupees as a prize and give him access to the last fossil side quest, Gerudo’s Colossal Fossil. Loone will mark this on the map on the Purah Pad.


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