How To Find The Treasure In Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Chamber Of Fortitude

How To Find The Treasure In Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Chamber Of Fortitude:

During your time spent playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you will come across a number of different Jedi Chambers. These are intended to be challenging and will put your knowledge and abilities to the test.

Some of them will provide you with one-of-a-kind problems that you will need to solve in order to go to the next stage. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the Chamber of Fortitude acts as a Jedi chamber that may be found in the Southern Access on Koboh atop the Corroded Silo.

This room is part of the Corroded Silo. It is necessary for you to have obtained the Lift & Slam ability, which can be done by completing the Koboh: Rescue Zed mission.

Relters Are Helpful In This Quest:

It is helpful to have unlocked Relters in order to fly to Jedha-Locate Brother Armias Major Objective, as well as the ability to dash past green forcefields, which is obtained from the Lucrehulk Main Objective during the Jedha-Locate Brother Armias Major Objective.

Although it presents a challenge in the form of a fight, the Chamber of Fortitude is thought to be one of the more straightforward chambers.

However, not all of the collectibles in this room are simple to locate. Because the wealth that is located inside this room is so carefully concealed, it is possible that finding it will take some time.

We did indeed have a hard time figuring out where it was located. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, this walkthrough will show you how to locate the prize that is hidden inside the Chamber of Fortitude.

The Following Is A Description Of The Treasure:

After you have shown your mettle in the combat test that is part of the Chamber of Fortitude, among the numerous High Republic Chambers that can be found on Koboh within Jedi: Survivor,

you will be able to start searching for the five collectibles that are located in this region. There is just one treasure left for you to uncover among these five, and it is tucked away in a secret location.

You won’t have to make your way over any tricky ledges in order to climb the wall. Instead, it may be found in the area of the room that is the most likely to be overlooked: the pots.

Break The Pots That Are Lying On The Ground:

You have the ability to break the pots that are lying on the ground, but you have to make use of your lightsaber to do it. We strongly suggest making use of the double-bladed sabre in order to cut through them as well as break them apart more efficiently.

The hidden treasure might be found on the far left side of the chamber, which we were able to locate. This comes after we had previously slashed every pot they came across as we were working our way across the whole room.

This Location Was The Final Location We Investigated:

Naturally, this was the final location that we investigated, and it was in this region that we were able to locate the prize, which proved out to include a data disc.

In the game Jedi: Survivor, if you bring this item to Zed, they will offer you an extensive range of other goods to trade with them in exchange for the one you brought them.

Once you have discovered this treasure, which is the only one to be found in this area, you are free to go with your exploration. It’s possible that you’re looking for any of the other treasures that are hidden in the other area, the Corroded Silo. There are a few of them.


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