How To Find The Tears Of The Kingdom In The Woodland Stable

How To Find The Tears Of The Kingdom In The Woodland Stable:

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the towns are pretty far apart, so stables have sprung up all over Hyrule to shorten the long trip between two towns.

You can take care of your horses here by keeping them or taking them when you need to. There are also a number of other things you can do at the stables, such as cooking, shopping, and talking.

The huge map of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is full of interesting spots where Link can pick up new tasks and take a break from his trip.

Stables are just as important as exploring because they are where Link can claim horses to get Pony Points, rest to get his strength back up, and even do a little trade. This guide tells you how to get to the Woodland Stable, which is one of the initial places Link will see when he leaves Hyrule Field.

The Woodland Stable Is Located At:

The Woodland Stable is northeast of Lookout Landing, which is the first town Link sees when he jumps off The Great Sky Island as well as lands on Hyrule.

Link has to cross a pretty fast-moving river to get there. To make the trip easier, he should finish the early tasks within Lookout Landing until he possesses his paraglider.

Stables are places where horses can be registered for 20 rupees each, Pony Points can be traded, and Link can sleep within one of a pair of beds. A normal bed costs 20 rupees, but a special bed costs 50 rupees as well as gives Link an extra heart for any tough fights that are coming up.

Link will learn how stables function in Hyrule as well as why they are useful when he gets to the Woodland Stable. Most of the time, there is at least one seller and a few NPCs you can talk to and receive information from.

Link will also get a pony point here just for talking to the stablemaster. If it’s the second stable he’s seen, he’ll get a gift for his points and be able to use his horse to pull things along.

Players don’t have to finish The Incomplete Stable within Lookout Landing in order to use stables in other parts of Hyrule. We entered a horse at one stable before we found the Woodland stable during our game.

Then we went back to finish this quest, so you don’t have to worry about going back and losing Link’s progress just to turn on buildings that are already there.

Stock Owned By Beedle At The Woodland Stable:

At the booth, you can also use the global pony point system to locate Beedle, who will be offering you the following things.

  1. Hearty Lizard (1) = 100 Rupees
  2. Arrow x5 (x2) = 30 Rupees
  3. Fireproof Lizard (3) = 25 Rupees
  4. Cold Darner (3) = 10 Rupees
  5. Brightbloom Seed (x10) = 8 Rupees
  6. Arrow (x20) = 6 Rupees

What’s There To Do At Stables?

Just like they did within Breath of the Wild, the stables in Tears of the Kingdom are in the middle of Hyrule and serve as hubs for visitors from all over the area. In Tears of the Kingdom, there are a total of 18 barns. Most of them are full-service inns where you can stay the night.

During your travels, you’ll know you’re getting close to a stable when you see a cloud of smoke rise into the sky. As you get closer, you’ll be able to make out the clear form of a giant horse’s head on top of the stable. This will help you find its exact location.

At these stables, you can use the cooking pots to make a few meals to take with you on your travels. You might even find new ideas on the bulletin board or from other people who stop by the stable.

You can also kill time by sleeping in one of the two kinds of beds, which may give you a boost when you wake up. You can also talk to other visitors to learn about nearby tasks or sites, board horses so you can use them all over Hyrule, and more.

You Can Also Discover Beedle Here:

It’s also where you can always find Beedle, who is a key figure in all of the Zelda games for buying and selling.

The only item that he has other than bug facts was general goods, like arrows and bugs that only work with elixirs. He will additionally purchase your loot so you have enough rupees to pay for your journey.

Since stables aren’t fast-travel places on your map by themselves, there is likely to be a shrine nearby that is within flying range and serves the same purpose. This makes them an excellent means to get around the area fast and stop wherever you need to on the way to wherever you’re going next.


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