How To Find Power, Wisdom, And Courage Goddess Statues In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find Power, Wisdom, And Courage Goddess Statues In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Mother Goddess Statue is a powerful being that needs your help. The statue has fallen over now the smaller figures of courage, strength, and understanding want you to help them send power back to the mother.

At first, these smaller fetch tasks might seem like an inefficient use of time, but they lead to a very useful tool. Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, here is how to finish the Mother Goddess Statue.

Even though Hylia doesn’t directly affect the story as much as she did within Skyward Sword, she remains important in Tears of the Kingdom. There are statues of the goddess all over the world, and Link can use them a lot on his travels.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are both normal goddess figures and statues of power, knowledge, and courage. During your journey in Hyrule, these figures will give you quests, and they are all linked.

You are going to have to find them as you explore the game, which is not easy. It took us a while to figure out where these goddess statues reside in Tears of the Kingdom because they are hard to find.

Once we knew where we could find them, we had to finish their tasks, which gave the Tears of the Kingdom amazing prizes.

Why Pray At Statues Of Goddesses:

You can pray at any goddess figure to trade the Light of Blessings you get from finishing shrines. You can get either an extra heart container or an extra energy container if you trade in 4 Light of Blessings.

In Tears of the Kingdom, however, you can now trade in Sage’s Wills to improve the Sage’s Vow you get when you awaken each sage. You must bring in four at a time, just like with the Light of Blessings. You can find Sage’s Wills as you fly about and fight within the sky above Hyrule.

Where The Goddess Statue Of Power Can Be Found:

Find the Goddess Statue of Power is a good place to start. This figure can be found in the northeast part of Hyrule. In “Tears of the Kingdom: Spring of Power,” it will be located in the Akkala area.

This place is between the North Akkala Valley as well as the Ordorac Quarry. It was one of the first places we found in the game. We came here because there was a natural spring within the midst of a quiet forest.

Talk to the Goddess Statue of Power when you get here, and it will give you a quest. For this quest, you will need to look around the Forgotten Temple to locate Dinraal in order to get its hand.

Where To Locate The Courage Goddess Statue:

The Goddess figure of Courage is the next goddess figure we will look for within Tears of the Kingdom. Explore the Popla Foothills to find this one.

To get to Dracozu Lake, you need to go south of these mountains, but don’t go too far. You can talk to the Goddess Statue of Courage when its spring is here.

Talk to the Goddess Statue of Courage to get the quest for it. If you’ve already checked out the Great Goddess Statue within the Forgotten Temple, you don’t need to come back here. Instead, you’ll need to find Farosh’s Claw, which is the next item.

How To Find The Statue Of The Goddess Of Wisdom

The Goddess figure of Wisdom is the last goddess figure you need to find within Tears of the Kingdom. This one is on Mount Lanayru, which is north of Hateno Village, Retsam Forest, as well as Lake Sumac. To find it, you’ll need to ascend to the highest point of the mountain as well as go to the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower.

When you get there, the Goddess Statue of Wisdom will request you to do a quest for it, just like the other two did. You’ll need to find Naydra’s claw to present it as a gift to the figure.

All Quests About Goddess Statues:

Make sure to talk to Goddess Statues often to improve your health and energy, but that’s not the sole explanation as to why to do so. Within Tears of the Kingdom, some quests require you to help the goddess figures in some way.

There are also four more places where goddess statues can be found. All of these places are linked by a series of quests.

In this set of tasks, you will try to help the Mother Goddess Statue within the Forgotten Temple, which is in bad shape. This quest will start when you talk to a figure of a goddess at either the Spring of Power, Wisdom, or Courage.

Check out this article to learn how to finish these quests for goddess statues. Help these figures if you want to get the White Sword of the Sky as the end prize. These are the locations for the goddess figures that are half of this quest.

Region Location Coordinates
Tabantha Tundra Forgotten Temple, Mother Goddess Statue -1070, 2690, -0081
Akkala Spring of Power 3755, 2670, 0002
Mount Lanayru Spring of Wisdom 0876, -2371, 0015
Faron Spring of Courage 3920, -1332, 0466

Next, when you try to talk to the Goddess Statue within the Temple of Time Ruins on the Great Plateau for the first time, a voice will ask you to help find its four missing eyes.

This is the first step in the quest A Call From the Depths. This quest can help you get a heart container or energy vessel without having to visit four sites.

Even though it’s not a Goddess Statue quest in and of itself, there’s an opposite of the Goddess Statue that lets you swap your heart tanks and energy vessels.

You can find the Who Goes There? task and start it close to the Goddess Statue inside the Lookout Landing Emergency Shelter. This quest will help you get entry to the figure, which will be useful if you ever need more life or energy for specific elements of the game.


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