How To Find Poems In Tears Of The Kingdom And Use Them

How To Find Poems In Tears Of The Kingdom And Use Them:

The Depths are a place in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom where you can find the lost souls of the Poes. You’ll learn about them after you collect a few and speak to the Bargaining Statue at Lookout Landing.

These little blue souls are similar to a new currency because they can be traded for things like bomb flowers, clothes, as well as places of other bargaining figures in the deep.

You may obtain some cool things, but you have to first get Poes, which can be hard to get if you don’t know how.

Learn how to gain and make use of Poes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom if you are interested in holding on to the only obvious light in the middle of so much darkness.

They won’t be scary ghosts this time. Instead, the poems are important things that you have to gather. Even though it’s scary down to the depths, the more lives you get, the better things will get for you.

But don’t worry, it won’t be hard to get them back because these cute little fires don’t have any personality and won’t move. So continue with this guide to find out what you can do when you’re dealing with a lot of Poes.

Where To Look For Poems:

Poes only live in the Tears of the Kingdom Depths, which are deep below the surface of Hyrule. It’s dark and damp there, so you’ll need a lot of Bright Blood Seeds to light your way.

Poets usually get together in tiny groups of about 20 people, and they’re not mean. You just have to run up and grab them. You’ll use your A button a lot, but you’ll want to do that so you can get as many as you can.

Even though poets are wandering spirits, they won’t run away from you, so don’t worry regarding having to follow them. They also come in different kinds, and the rarer ones give more “units” of poe.

Large Poes offer five Poe units, as well as Grand Poes give a whopping twenty units.

Depending on how long you spend exploring the Tears of the Kingdom Depths, you could depart with only a few dozen or, if you wander off like I did, with several hundred. Depending upon what you’d like to buy alongside them, you may need to farm for a while.

How To Use Poetry:

After getting some Poes from the Depths, head south of the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins to Lookout Landing. Once you get there, you can trade your Poes at the bargainer figure for some useful items.

You may have seen the Bargainer Statue in the rear of Josha’s workshop when you were exploring Lookout Landing. Now that you have a minimum of one Poe, it is going to call out for them when you approach.

When you pray to the Bargainer Statue for the first time, you may ask it about poems and give it one. If you choose “Here has a Poe for you,” the Poe will be sent back to the dead and you will get a Dark Clump. Then, in return for more poems, the figure will offer you a fair payment.

Poe Reward List:

When you first go to the Bargainer Statue to get PoE prizes, there are just five choices. Two of them, like the Dark Clump as well as Dark Tunic, are very useful.

Poes Reward
10 Poes Dark Clump
16 Poes Muddle Bud
16 Poes Puffshroom
16 Poes Bomb Flower
150 Poes Dark Tunic
150 Poes ?
Poes ?
Poes ?

Even though tiny poes tend to be more common and frequently encountered in groups, you ought to maintain an eye out for great poes as well as big poes.

If you see one, you should make it a priority to get to it because a single flame can give you as many as twenty poes, which is a lot more than even the biggest group of normal poes.

Grand Poes are harder to come across, but you can tell them apart by their reddish-pink wisp as well as the fact that they are the biggest Poes. Large poes are a little more popular than normal poes. They are bigger than regular poes and have green and blue lights that flicker.

Most of the time, you can find both types of special poe up high or on top of things in the deep. Go to the place underneath the Korok Forest if you want to find them quickly. Here, you can get rid of the bad vibes and earn a lot of Poes.

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t find any new writers in your area, either as people or in groups, it’s time for you to move on. You could travel to a separate light root, as was mentioned before, or you could go up to the top and look for a way down to the deep that you haven’t gone through yet.

If you teleport to an unfamiliar light source, you’ll end up on the edge or in the center of a place you’ve already seen.

And if you’re looking for Poes to give to one of the gift figures within the Depths or at Lookout Landing, the best thing to do is jump right into the middle of a new area. This will make it easy to find big groups of poems instead of single pieces.


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