How To Find And Beat Every Talus In The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

How To Find And Beat Every Talus In The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild:

Talus is one of the most terrifying enemies inside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Even though Talus is very big, it is easy to beat because it moves as slowly as a sloth on a Sunday afternoon.

Keep in keep in mind there are different kinds of Talus, and that each one has its own chemical qualities. You can find them all over Hyrule. As Well As the cherry on top? The rich stones you obtain from defeating these titans can enhance your attire and fill your pockets.

Breath of the Wild is a great addition to the Zelda series because it has dozens of mini-bosses all over the map of Hyrule. These bosses give players unique fights that are both hard and surprising.

One of these mini-bosses is the Stone Talus, which you can find very early in the game.

These stone behemoths move slowly and have a weak spot that is easy to spot. This makes them an excellent starting point for new players who want something harder than a Bokoblin but not as hard as a Lynel.

All Talus Locations:

Here is a list of every type of Talus, where it can be found, and what it can drop when it is killed.

Stone Talus:

Health 300
Level 16
Locations Cliffs of Quince, Deya Lake, Gama Cove, Great Plateau, Lake Floria, Martha’s Landing, North Dueling Peaks, North Mable Ridge, Ovli Plain, Dueling Peaks South, West Nabi Lake
Drops Flint, opal, ruby, amber

Luminous Talus:

Health 600
Level 20
Locations Champion’s Gate North, Crenel Hills, East Mount Granajh, Lake Hylia North, Lake Kolomo, Mapla Point, Mount Nabooru, Rutimala Hill, South Koukot Plateau, South Taafei Hill, Southern Tal Tal Peak, Upland Lindor
Drops Flint, amber, opal, luminous gem, topaz, diamond

Igneo Talus:

Health 800
Level 24
Locations Darb Pond, Darunia Lake, Gorko Lake, Goronbi Lake North, Lake Darman
Drops Flint, opal, ruby, diamond

Rare Talus:

Health 900
Level 24
Locations Gisa Crater, Hyrule Castle Underground, Hyrule Castle West, Illumeni Plateau, Kolami Bridge South, Tabantha Hills, West Vatorsa Snowfield
Drops Flint, amber, opal, topaz, ruby, sapphire, diamond

Frost Talus:

Health 800
Level 24
Locations Coldsnap Hollow, Laparoh Mesa, Pikida Stonegrove, West Rospro Pass, West Sapphia’s Table.
Drops Flint, opal, ruby, diamond

How To Get Rid Of Talus:

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the key to beating Talus is to hit its weak spots. Of course, its main weakness is the crystal on the back, but some Taluses had crystals on the sides too.

To start fighting, you have to break their arms by throwing bombs at them. This will make Talus to fall apart, giving you just a few moments to climb onto its backside and attack the crystal.

To do the most damage to the crystal, you should use heavy tools like iron clubs, rock throwers, rock crushers, or rock breaks. When other tools hit the strong crystal, they will break apart quickly.

If the gem on the Breath of the Wild Talus is on its side, you can use spears to reach it from the ground. Aim ZL at the weak spot and hit it as many times as you can. Talus’s strikes can be hard to avoid because they may raise their arms at you.

Use The Fact That They Move Slowly:

Taluses are very heavy, so they move slowly and in the same way over and over again. Their attacks have simple but do a lot of damage, and after a while, Link can predict how they will come.

The only way to kill a Talus is to hurt the ore deposit on its head. During the fight, it can be seen from almost every direction. Players with more skill can use the speed of the monster to their advantage and shoot at the deposit from a position of safety.

Use Weapons That Are Strong:

Standard weapons will hardly hurt the Talus and may render the fight painfully long their stone bodies render them invulnerable to physical attacks. Link can use bombs to break off the creature’s weaponry, but it won’t hurt them. You can only kill them by hurting their weak spot.

The perfect weapon for this position is an Iron Sledgehammer. It can do 12 points of harm as well as can make things easier. Players can also hurt the Talus very badly by shooting exploding arrows at the ore source.
Get on its body:

To harm the ore mine as quickly as possible, climb on top of the Talus as well as hit it straight. Link can do this by shooting an arrow at the Deposit and making the creature fall down for a moment. Link can also set off a bomb on every limb of the Talus, which knocks it down.

Even when it’s on the ground, the Talus will still move, so the player must be care not to fall. If they miss their chance, they will have to get to know the stone giant all over again.

Use Ice Against Igneo Talus:

The Igneo Talus was a type of stone giant that looks like melted rock and is made of fire. Link will get burned if he attempts to grasp its body while it is on fire. Igneo Taluses hit in the same way that their stone cousins do. They can also set off blasts that hurt Link a lot.

Players can protect themselves from fire damage by using Ice Rods or Ice Arrows or any other type of Ice weapon. The cold may stun the Igneo Talus as well as put out its flames for a short time. Link is able to climb the rock and hit the ore mine.

Use Fire Against Frost Talus:

The Frost Talus is, as the name suggests, a cold version of the stone giant. It can be found in the Gerudo Highlands as well as the Hebra Mountains, which are both cold parts of Hyrule.

It’s important to remember that not every Frost Taluses are covered in ice. Whether or not they are frozen varies on things like the weather, the time of day, and where they are.

The Frost Talus can be hurt by fire. Fire arrows or flame weapons will briefly melt the Talus, allowing Link to climb as well as damage the Ore Deposit. The Snow quill set will additionally prevent Link from getting cold, so he won’t need fire weapons to climb the Frost Talus.


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