How To Find A Sponge In Minecraft

How To Find A Sponge In Minecraft:

In Minecraft, the sponge is the best block to use to get rid of fluid from an overworld pond or a cave lake that is below the surface. If you’ve ever used this soft tool to wash a car or scrub dishes in real life, you already know what its Minecraft version does.

In other words, the sponge block could indeed soak up the water from dozens of blocks. If you’re looking to clean a stream or clear out a lagoon for building, you don’t have to do anything extra or turn on the sponge.

In the past few years, Minecraft has given millions of players a lot of new content. This content has included story elements, new biomes, and new blocks, among other things.

Then there are classic blocks like the “sponge” block that can be hard to get in survival mode. This guide explains the process for obtaining sponges in Minecraft.

What Does A Sponge Do:

In Minecraft, sponges can be a very useful tool for quickly getting rid of huge quantities of water. Using such a sponge could be a wonderful solution for restoring a base that was flooded by another player.

Even simple things like emptying a pond are a lot easier if you use a sponge instead of a bucket or fill it with blocks.

Can You Make:

There isn’t a crafting recipe for a Sponge in Minecraft, so you can’t make one. This is one of those blocks you have to locate, like such a saddle or a name tag.

Sponges, on the other hand, are not found in Dungeons or other buildings on land. You have to go out to sea to find these yellow cubes.
Sponges Can Be Found.

In Minecraft, it’s hard to find and get sponge blocks because you have to find an ocean monument first. Ocean monuments are huge structures that appear in aquatic biomes like the deep ocean.

Once you find one using an Ocean Explorer map or by accident, you have to go inside to find the “sponge room.”

We think it would make the underwater explorers much easier if you had potions that let you breathe under water and see in the dark. Also, watch out for the many Guardians that swim in and around the location.

How To Obtain Sponges From The Ocean Monument:

Once you’ve found the room with the sponges in an ocean monument, the next step is to get each sponge one at a time. This job will be much easier with a hoe that has an affinity for water.

We suggest putting a door down to make an air pocket in scenario you run out of potions that let you breathe under water. After that, set up a furnace and melt a dry sponge like metal ingots to start making a dry sponge in Minecraft.

It’s Hard To Get Sponges Under Water, So Try This:

It will take you about three minutes to get one sponge. Put the wet sponge in the furnace and use the dry sponge to get rid of the water in the room.

Wet sponges that are not underwater could be collected in about 40 seconds, which is much faster than working underwater. Before you leave, get as many sponges as you want.

Where To Look For Ocean Monuments:

You can locate Ocean Monuments when you use a Boat to sail around Ocean biomes and look for them. As part of an Ocean Monument, bright Sea Lanterns will appear and light up, so you can see them from under the water.

But, as we’ve already said, these are rare buildings, so it might take you a while to locate an Ocean Monument this way.

Ocean Monument Is Easiest To Find If You:

You could indeed trade with certain Villagers to locate an Ocean Monument faster, but it will cost you more. For a few Emeralds, you might be able to purchase Ocean Explorer Maps from a villager who is a cartographer.

The icon for Ocean Explorer Maps looks like a normal map, but it has blue lines on it. On these maps, you can find where 1 Ocean Monument is.

How So Much Liquid Sponges Soak Up In Minecraft:

When you put a Sponge in water, it would soak up all the water up to seven blocks away from where you put it. This means that water will quickly drain from all six directions around a Sponge.

This lets you make an air pocket in the shape of an octahedron in any body of water. But keep in mind that a Sponge can only hold a certain amount of water. To be exact, a single Sponge can hold up to 135 blocks of water before it is too full.

Keep These In Mind:

Also, remember that a Sponge can make a space through which water can flow. For example, if you put a dry Sponge at the bottom of an Ocean biome, this would soak up water in its normal range, but water will flow down from above to fill that air pocket with water.

So, if you want to make a path to a place that’s underwater, you’ll have to start at the surface & soak up water as you go down.

How To Get A Sponge To Dry:

Wet Sponges can’t soak up water, so you’ll have to let them dry out before you can use them again. There are a few ways to do this. First, you can dry out a wet sponge by “cooking” it in an oven.

This process works the same way as making food, you placed the wet sponge on the top position of a Furnace as well as some coal on the bottom slot. When the white advancement arrow is full, the dried Sponge would then appear in the right slot.

But if you want to dry Sponges without using supplies as fuel, you can dry a Sponge in the Nether in an instant. If you put a wet Sponge in the Nether, it will dry out right away. However, you must have a Nether Portal to do this.

Also, the Bedrock Edition of the game has a way to dry Sponges that is not in any other edition. If you put a wet sponge in a dry biome like the Desert, Savannah, or Plains, it will dry out on its own after a few minutes.

Tips For Ocean Monument:

Because the sea is underwater, the most important thing is to be able to breathe and move as easily as possible. The first way is to bring along several potions that help you breathe under water, as well as potions that help you see better at night.

Also, keep in mind that the Elder Guardians who protect the monument would then curse you with mining fatigue if they get close enough. This means that you won’t be able to mine anything for about five minutes. To succeed, you’ll need to grab buckets of milk.


Milk will get rid of mining fatigue, but it’ll additionally get rid of the effects of potions, like being able to breathe under water or see in the dark.

5 Best Ocean Monuments Minecraft Seeds:

Place Name



Savannah Village Near Shipwreck And Monument 8795613549813 X:-264, Z: -472
Mountain Survival Island
X:296, Z:-616
X:-152, Z:-792
X:-920, Z:-344
Island Village And Double Monuments
X:-104, Z:-264
X:56, Z:-264
Frozen Ocean Monuments
X:-216, Z:-232
X: -728, Z:-184
X:-440, Z:104
X:168, Z:-392
X:200, Z:-600
X:376, Z:56
Monuments And Shipwrecks A’Plenty
X:104, Z:136
X:-312, Z:152
X:-216, Z:584
X:-760, Z:136
X:-760, Z:-152
X:-424, Z:-280


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